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Group C, FIFA World Cup 2018

The World Cup is afoot and today we saw Denmark face off Australia.

Group C, FIFA World Cup 2018

The World Cup is afoot and today we saw Denmark face off Australia. It was a somewhat contested match which would have seen a clear winner, too, had it not been for a penalty shot that ultimately levelled the playfield, with the game finishing even. Group C will see a handful of more match transpire before we move onto the next competitors. Let’s have a look at what the next games may look like.

Peru vs France


Who would have thought that these teams would meet in a game of football? France is clearly. The game is now afoot and we have seen a few exchanges already. As you might expect, nobody is really rooting for Peru as the winning team. This is understandable up to a point, albeit the prejudice is quite palpable, it’s somewhat justified.

So far France has been doing well. It managed a late victory in its matchup against Australia and is now playing Peru. Of course, nobody expects France to manage a flawless victory as Peru still stands a fair chance to score at least once. If our estimates are correct, France will win 2:1 in this match, but our forecasts need some backing by how events will actually transpire.

In the competition so far, France has shown how dangerous the team’s attack can be. With effortless spurts against the enemy’s goal, France has reached the enemy goal more often than a high-competition would allow.

Even when depicting France as the winners, Peru should be lauded for their intensity and commitment. The team is clearly determined to give their best and to quite possibly win. A minor scrap occurred between Guerrero and a French attacker right now.

Peru is about to play a corner which is repealed and Peru just misses a chance to strike against France’s goalkeeper. The game is afoot. From what we can see right now, Peru is playing somewhat undetermined, although they manage to keep the ball for a good while.

France has to quicken the pace if they want to score against the South Americans in this match. Taking control of the ball would be a good start. We will catch you up on the events of the match tomorrow. And now, let’s all have a good look at the next game in this competition. Group C continues.

Updated: 5:33 GMT +1 France scores against Peru.

Croatia vs Argentina


Croatia and Argentina will definitely offer you a stellar piece of football. Let’s start with some amusing factoids. Did you know that Croatia had never lost the second game during a World Cup event? Watch out Argentina, because this is definitely something to be worried about!

Croatia goes a long way back, back to the day when the country was not really called Croatia. You would be quite pleased to know that the then Yugoslavia was a major force in football and one that you would have had genuine trouble dealing with during a football game.

Argentina need not balk at the match though. And the reason behind this is simple. Their current general manager has played a vital role in the team’s FIFA World Cup victory back in 1986. With this in mind, we are thrilled about the upcoming football derbies today and we will follow them with great interest!