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Fun EPL Facts – Part II

Not all factoids about the EPL are worth knowing, but today we look at some of the most exciting ones.

Fun EPL Facts – Part II

Not all factoids about the EPL are worth knowing, but today we look at some of the most exciting ones. Even if you are no gossip, and we don’t imply that you are, it perhaps helps to wind down and just get yourself a few fast and loose pieces of info inside your head. Nobody asks for you to memorize them. Instead, get on with it and check out some of the most interesting things that has happened in the history of the English Premier League.

Here come the facts so sit back, read and enjoy.

1. Nuri Sahin – The Absentee

Nuri Sahin has had great hopes for the EPL, but he has been also one of the most interesting characters out there indeed! Did you know that Sahin had to be subbed for in seven games, which is the highest for the entire Premier League! Now, you may say that Sahin is a bit of a skiver.

That’s not entirely true as he had multiple issues of personal nature, which, out of respect for him, we won’t help be gossiped about. On the brighter side, though, Mr. Sahin has made history, just by not being in the game!

2. Richard Wright and the Two Titles

Richard Wright has played in 12 Arsenal games and he managed to notch up the respectable two titles. Not too bad all things considered. Arsenal will be meeting Man City in the immediate future, and we are going to say that it’s quite the contested match indeed! We can’t help but root for Arsenal on this occasion.

Man City seem to be too determined, and in fact, quite capable of winning. Arsenal, on the other hand, have had their internal strife, albeit they made some eye-popping investment this season moving players into their roster, backed by millions of pounds. Well done, Arsenal!

3. Iago Aspas The Corner Master

Mr. Aspas has not been the best player when he comes to Aspas, but boy has he done a lot! He has managed to entice opponents into delivering corners to him, which has been his quite remarkable skill on the field. And even then, he is not quite up there when it comes to their proper execution.

It’s not to say that Mr. Aspas is deliberately sabotaging his chances at victory. He was cornered too many times to shine though!

4. Looking Back in 1997, 98

Andy Roberts played in 37 games in the English Premier League back in the day and in four of those games he played he had to battle it out with the usual suspects from Arsenal.

5. Terry Connor – Ah, Flop!

Terry Connor is the only manager who had ten games under his belt in the EPL and didn’t manage to win a single one. Ah, flop is the best way to describe his short stint in the EPL, but don’t’ you worry – Mr. Connor is still very much active in football.

6. More Heads for the Goals

The only two players to manage actual hat-tricks with heads have been Duncan Ferguson back in 1997 and most recently – Salomon Rondon for West Brom in 2016.

Looking at the EPL results so far, it’s obvious that the league had a rather interesting past indeed! With this in mind, we have explored the glorious past of the league and tried to jot down the most interesting facts, albeit more research may be necessary to determine the truly queer stuff about the league.

With the league almost upon us now, we ought to ponder other questions, such as – who is going to win next? It’s a tough question and to be frank – even expert bettors are not really eager to take their chances with this one.

Manchester United are definitely a primed favourite. There’s been a lot of investment going in the way of Arsenal, too, meaning they should be able to take out the competition. But this is the EPL.

Everyone wants to take out the competition.

So, the question remains…

How do you actually do? We are not so sure about this, but we can teach you how to make smart bets on EPL. Make sure to go back and read our dedicated guide on sports betting and the EPL!