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Fulham vs Manchester City Playing in March

Fulham will meet Manchester City on March 30.

Fulham vs Manchester City Playing in March

Fulham will meet Manchester City on March 30. It promises to be quite the derby, although no-one is really counting on Fulham on this occasion. Instead, there’s concern. Fulham has definitely been in a bad shape and the question remains – can they come back? Quite possible, but against Manchester City? Not so sure.

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Fulham – A Bit of a Rough Spell


Fulham have definitely been caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s most certainly not the easiest thing to do, but Fulham have been facing a series of strong teams. Maybe morale has been affected a little too much, as they have lost all five last games on record.

Crumbling to the bottom of the EPL overall standing, Fulham will have a tough time of recuperating themselves from the bitter disappointment of recent months. The team is not down and out, but they are in a particularly bad place this season.

Making it within the first ten teams of the EPL will be a challenge in its own right and the upcoming game with Manchester City is just a tall order of humongous proportions. To ensure that a change is at all possible, Fulham will have to play very determinedly in their game, and struggle for a draw.

A draw against Manchester City would be quite the achievement.

Manchester City – Can You Beat Them?


Manchester City are back at the top. They will be looking for an easy victory against Fulham to make sure that they get some headway on Liverpool – the team that is the most determined to dethrone them from the top spot.

Well, interestingly enough, Fulham is playing against Liverpool today and it would be interesting to see if they can hold out against Liverpool. By the 13″ the result was still 0:0 which demonstrates Fulham’s ability to hold out well against a vastly superior team.

As to Manchester City, the team is in a top shape with 5 games won out of their last five matches. Liverpool has been slipping though, with only three victories and 2 draws. Well, this is far from the point right now.

Manchester City are in a top shape and they are certainly going to subject Fulham to an all-out attack at the end of the month.

Still the one-week break may help Fulham coordinate a little better against Manchester City whereas Manchester City might lose some of their momentum, though is really very unlikely.

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Final Verdict – Manchester City vs Fulham

Calling a winner from this match will definitely not be so difficult. Last time we checked, Fulham were still holding out against Liverpool and to be quite honest – this just goes to show that Fulham are a truly accomplished team that can get things done and it’s quite easy for them to achieve results.

Still, Manchester City will be playing at the top of their abilities, which should most certainly worry everyone involved. Fulham have a chance to shine and upset the absolute winner in this competition, but they will have to ensure a stable play that requires ton of preparation to pull off.