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France Won the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The bitter and most disappointing finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup are now concluded and Croatia conceded a rather embarrassing defeat.

France Won the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The bitter and most disappointing finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup are now concluded and Croatia conceded a rather embarrassing defeat. Much talk went into supporting the team and we truly though that the Croatians had more of a chance. Despite an auto-goal and a penalty shot, which may in some part crushed their morale, the Croatians, we thought did well.

It’s possible, of course, to say that they lost some of their momentum following much of the decisions taken by the judge, which invited rather more confusion into the matters later on. To say, though, that France had no hand in the matter would be completely grotesque.

France did play well and they deserved to win. They won in a manner that was both quite convincing and determined. The French team soared past its enemies since the group stages and managed to perform surprisingly well in the latest installment of the world’s most prestigious and respected competitive football event.

Of course, they played at their best and we do think that they had quite the game at it, too. We can say that they are the gold generation of France. We can say many things in fact. But the facts are the facts – the French nationals turned a pretty streak, dismantling all their opponents and only once conceding a demure draw to Denmark.

It has been a rather ‘fulgurant’ raise to the top, as French would put it, meaning they meteorically attained the summits of the most important events in history.

The Facts are the Facts


And so, it has come to pass that the other behemoths of the world of football didn’t quite make it at all. They struggled for a good while and the upshot was that both Germany and Brazil managed to drop out of the race a while back.

It’s quite understandable that the public would be disappointed and deprived from witnessing some high-paced football, but nobody was really sure what led to the downfall of the two teams. Brazil, specifically, started quite convincingly and nobody was surprised when they make it past the group stages, only to be destroyed in the single-elimination round, and rather embarrassingly at that.

Russia was never expected to reach out past the group stages, but then again they did. The team lost to Croatia in the single elimination round which bestowed more reason to Russians to root for France. But even then, there weren’t many Russian nationals on the stadium with the seats going up for $4,000 apiece.

France’s national squad completely justified this initial investment, though, making sure that the crowds got what they had come and paid for. With this in mind, France was now ready to push ahead and introduce everyone to what the country was really prepared to do when it comes to standing out from the crowd.

The Loss of Croatia is Our Loss


It has been speculated on the Internet right after France won that even though they managed to win the trophy they failed at something rather more substantial – winning our hearts. The Croatian team managed to do this better. We won’t of course talk about the unmannerly political tantrums of Vida, not in the slightest.

But the team was quite determined and overcame some significant odds. Now, of course they were also quite robust in their game and we weren’t overly happy with a few occasions where the footballer from Croatia could have handled themselves much, much better.

Then again, who are we to judge when the heat of the moment was upon them and they were trying to make their countrymen and women proud. The disappointment of Croatia showed on their faces, but it also seemed that they were happy to have reached the second place.

They deserved it and that’s for certain. We cannot exactly say what would have happened if Croatia has had a better turn of events, but we expect them to have been quite pleased and immensely proud and extend their kindness to their opponents, too.

Croatia’s was a truly interesting game to watch and we are rather quite pleased to have witnessed this even if only over the Internet. We are sure that there will be new surprises during the World Cup event, and we just can’t wait to see what those will be.