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France vs Belgium, France Wins

We won’t lie.

France vs Belgium, France Wins

We won’t lie. We are slightly disappointed that Belgium couldn’t progress to the final stage of the 2018 World Cup. But then again France really deserved to make it to the finals. Bara boring draw with Denmark, the country has been on fire, tackling one obstacle after another.

It has been quite the outstanding record that France has had. It is perhaps the only team that had reached its finals so effortlessly. Then again, the team played really well throughout all its games, conceding a minor temporary advantage to Argentina, which it clawed back easily to the bitter disappointment of Lionel Messi.

The Semifinals We All Expected

It was a much-contested game and a rather defensive one at that. France had to defend for the better part of the game, wearing its opponents down and translated later in the game when Belgium’s footballers were less likely to burst into sudden attacks.

In any event, we must admit that Belgium launched rather successful attacks, with just split-seconds deficiency to actually score. Of course, it’s not luck that determined France’s victory. It’s far better, to be honest. It’s the fact that the defenders played their role well. You could spot how every dangerous situation ended up with French defenders homing in on danger and creating a body block separating the attacker from the ball.

And yet, Belgium managed to shoot in the goal quite the handful of times, but the goalkeeper was there to stave it all off. So, France’s victory has definitely been based on the country team’s merits rather than on some charms.

What’s Next?

It’s a fair question to ask. Next, France will be heading up to Moscow for the grand finals. The finals will be held this Sunday and the team has quite some time to prepare themselves and train.

Meanwhile, Croatia and England will be battling it out for the chance to end up in the final match of this tournament. It’s indeed going to be quite challenging. Both Croatia and England have relatively aggressive playstyles which may be rather an unwise course of action to pursue.

To be more specific, Belgium and France both play a game of attrition whereas England seems to be rather headier in their forays to the enemy’s goal. Whichever team finally makes it to the next stage, they will have to be extra careful how they tread against a stronger opponent.

The Possible Finals

We may come across as blunt, but we do think that Croatia will outplay England tonight effectively landing it in the finals. If this happens, France will have a new opponent that prefers strong offensive game over the long drawn-out game of attrition. Of course, France may quickly benefit from this as it did with Belgium or it could finally allow a breach in its goal.

Croatia has been around football for a long, long while, and that’s quite understandable. They have some of the best moments in the game under their belts and they have been participating in the game for decades.

A defeat over England will mean a lot to the whole country and the possibility of clinching the World Title is certainly quite tempting. The likelihood of this happening is anyone’s guess. To be perfectly honest here, we think that Croatia will win tonight. All they have to do is make sure that their defences hold whilst they keep prodding England for weaknesses. If they manage that, the chances are on their side.

However, the game up against France doesn’t’ seem like a well-matched pick. In our honest opinion, they will have a rather difficult run at that, so we don’t see how things could be better for Croatia at the finals. But then again, we believe that the team will demonstrate its best, and who knows? Maybe we have been wrong all along and Croatia indeed stands to be the next world’s champion.

However, they will first have to outplay England tonight. It seems like we will all have our results and answers in 14 hours.