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France & Croatia – A Look at the Football Future

In less than a festive mood, Paris welcomed its World Cup victory with tears.

France & Croatia – A Look at the Football Future

In less than a festive mood, Paris welcomed its World Cup victory with tears. Only these weren’t caused by an overwhelming emotion. Well, at least not entirely. Riot police had to be deployed in order to disperse revellers. Windows were broken all along the Champs Elysees and different objects were hurled at police officers. Croatia’s fans took it lightly in comparison.

As many as 30 people in ski masks disrupted the peace and quiet in the capital, with 4,000 police officers deployed in full force to help clamp down on the remaining troublemakers. It has been a rather strange way to welcome bringing home the 2018 World Cup from Russia.

France’s Ascend to Victory and Tackle Into Chaos

Of course, focusing on a handful of people’s act is quite not the thing what we want to do here. Propaganda media outlets have been homing in on the news, suggesting that “France was the shame of the world,” as per Kremlin mouthpieces. However, all political brokerage aside, it would be rather easy to notice that  France’s well on its way to creating a dynasty of football champions.

The football prowess demonstrated throughout the matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup were quite suggestive that the national team has found a way to establish itself as an unstoppable machine in football. With strategy and persistence, all competitors have yieded before the inexorable football machinery of France.

If we have to draw historic parallels, Germany comes to mind. Despite the country’s recent poor results, it was long considered that Germany has a standing tradition insofar as football goes, and they definitely have the track record to back such claims without having to brag about it.

So far as football is concerned, France’s dominance seems quite easy to disrupt. All the players are still young and they will be competing in the 2020 event. However, this will give their opponents, in this case, the whole world, enough time to study them up and adopt themselves to a playstayle that clearly drives results.

Croatia – Not the End of the Line Yet

When we look at the Croatian team, it’s difficult to tell if the team will unwind or continue to assert itself. There are several possible outcomes for Croatia at this point. We may witness a team that is quite well-poised to assert its dominance or one that is rather easily put off its stroke.

If Croatia’s defeat in the World Cup has not been destructive, then it may be channelling. The team has come dangerously close to winning the World Cup. A consolatory note may be the simple fact that France did get a bit lucky at the beginning of the match, with an auto-goal from a Croatian defender and a penalty shot that should not have been handed, your contributor thinks.

However, the next two points were indicative of France’s skill and expertise insofar as football goes. With the final score, Croatia will certainly have a difficult time swallowing the defeat. But even then, the small nation seemed quite cheerful and upbeat about the future.

I am of the same opinion myself. Croatia will most likely continue to persevere in football and manage to win itself a noteworthy place in the next World Cup. But as such things go, it’s difficult to predict the outcome of any event.

Will Gemany and Brazil continue to decline under the nonchalance of the first and the unexplicable arroganc eof the latter? It’s hard to predict any outcome at this point. A fair estimate is that Croatia will rebound and Brazil and Germany will seal their fate for how generations will perceive them.

Will the teams return to their former glory or will the new order take precedence. Is it poignant that the world’s football titans are falling from grace? It most certainly is. However, is there a way to avoid this? In a tournament based on merits, old successes are not a selling point.