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Fowler is Kicking Up His Football Stakes

The world of football has quite a few missives to bring us all.

Fowler is Kicking Up His Football Stakes

The world of football has quite a few missives to bring us all. Australia is now trying to secure one of the rising stars of football, Mary Fowler, who’s only 15 years old but promises to be a leader in his own right. Fowler is also contested by another country – Ireland. How it all pans out, in the end, is, of course, anyone’s guess.

Everyone after Fowler


Fowler will now debut for Matlidas, having been selected by the coach Alen Stajcic. The youth will compete in the Tournament of Nations Tournament of Nations, which will be held in the United States. Fowler is primed for a long international career which may or may not blossom depending on his own prowess and ambitions. The siblings of Fowler, Quivi and Ciara are both known in Australia for their football qualities.

However, Australia is also aware of the fact that Ireland is going to contest the future stars insofar as the country will seek to offer them better football deals. Neither Ireland nor Australia can hope that the Tournament of Nations will really tie Fowler to any side, as the event itself is just a number of friendly matches played abroad, helping future star gain initial popularity in their career.

Because of his age, Fowler hasn’t played in any senior match just yet while he is also trying to determine if he wants to play in one in the first place. The career of many football stars has been decided from the earliest age, with talents such as Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar playing as much as they could when only youngsters and getting noticed.

Champs in the Making


Whether Australia can or wants to retain Fowler at all costs is beyond the question. However, the one thing that we cannot attest quite fully to is what will happen to Ireland’s ambitions for Fowler. Individual players can have quite the determined outcome on football matches and that’s why much money can be allocated to secure players such as Fowler.

Ireland has not made it far in the World Cup qualifiers and the team was edged out by rivals. However, Ireland also had to compete with rather tougher opponents whereas Australia’s qualifying matches have been against less football-prone nations.

Fowler may stand a great chance to compete at a World Cup if he chooses to join Australia. By the time the next event kicks off, he will be 19, which will be a brilliant age for him to cut his expertise on a real football action at the highest possible level. The most important point in the career of Fowler at this point will be to decide for which country he wants to play.

Australia stands a better chance of acquiring him, but he may be fond of his native Ireland, which whilst restricting certain football chances is still very much one of the best options. Fowler will have reduced travelling time, and a great selection of European championships to pick from, not to mention that Europe is buzzing with things to do.

A Tough Choice or Otherwise?


If Fowler prefers to have a greater chance of competing in a series of important leagues, he may be the driving force behind Ireland’s rise to victory in the upcoming World Cup. And even if the team fails at first bash, there are many events Fowler will be able to attend thereafter which will allow him to spearhead the progress of Ireland.

Ultimately, it will depend on entirely what Fowler his best option is. By and large, he has been giving himself plenty of leeways to reach decision. Without any definitive answer, Fowler is just trying to work out a solution for the most likely issue at hand. Picking a team is not really so important at the moment as Fowler has his entire career ahead of him.

With this in mind, Australia and Ireland may both be pushing for a rather more exciting future but none shall be too concerned as things stand presently. Fowler’s for football will put him on all radars which in turn will help him get a foothold in the world of big football at an envious pace. There should be no reason why he can’t wait a few years to make up his mind.