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Football derby on June 26 – Forecasts

And so, today’s football action was brilliant! But we have Group C and Group D on the cards, and we ought to see what will happen there.

Football derby on June 26 – Forecasts

And so, today’s football action was brilliant! But we have Group C and Group D on the cards, and we ought to see what will happen there. We are particularly keen to watch the match between Denmark and France. It will be a spectacular derby, and we invite you to share it with us.

Recap on June 25 in the World Cup

The football we witnessed on June 25 was stellar. We saw Iran and Morocco put a great fight up against the group’s leaders, Spain and Portugal. To speak the truth, I never expected Morocco nor Iran to perform so well. Did you? Let’s be honest. Morocco seemed to be the worst team in the group, but the team pulled an incredible feat scoring a draw with Spain. I mean none other than Spain!

Meanwhile, Iran managed a brilliant draw against Portugal. Iran’s goalkeeper, Alireza Beiranvan played beautifully. Not only did he almost intercept the goal by Ricardo Quaresma, but he also saved a penalty shot from arguably the world’s best striker, Cristiano Ronaldo. Our admirations for Mr Beiranvan may avoid objective reporting, but we feel strongly about his qualities as a player.

And to sum up, what happened yesterday, we ought to say that Uruguay managed 3 goals against Russia. It’s a truly surprising turn of events. Russia had managed to perform effortlessly so far in the competition, defeating one competitor after another. Still, it may seem like Russia has faced the first team to truly put up a fight. It was both a sobering and a disconcerting experience.

How come a team that has won all its games with a minimum lead of 3 goals so far be so badly drubbed by a national squad that is not expected to qualify? The truth is, Russia had it easy. Playing against unestablished football squads may have inflated the national ego, but the pride is now at a risk of abrupt deflation should the footballers fail to find their feet.

Denmark and France

Denmark and France will be a game that is worth spectating. France seems to be the stronger team, however, Denmark looks better statistically. The national team has gone 17 matches undefeated under their current coach, Hareide. If you care to look at the numbers, here they are:

11 November 2016: Denmark – Kazakhstan 4-1 (World Cup qualifier). 15 November 2016: Czech Republic – Denmark 1-1 (friendly) 26 March 2017: Romania – Denmark 0-0 (World Cup qualifier). 6 June 2017: Denmark – Germany 1-1 (friendly). 10. June 2017: Kazakhstan – Denmark 1-3 (World Cup qualifier). 1 September 2017: Denmark – Poland 4-0 (World Cup qualifier). 4 September 2017: Armenia – Denmark 1-4 (World Cup qualifier). 5 October 2017: Montenegro – Denmark 0-1 (World Cup qualifier). 8 October 2017: Denmark – Romania 1-1 (World Cup qualifier) 11 November 2017: Denmark – Rep. of Ireland 0-0 (World Cup Playoff). 14 November 2017: Rep. of Ireland – Denmark 1-5 (World Cup Playoff). 22 March 2018: Denmark – Panama 1-0 (friendly) 27 March 2018: Denmark – Chile 0-0 (friendly). 2 June 2018: Sweden – Denmark 0-0 (friendly). 9 June 2018: Denmark – Mexico 2-0 (friendly). 16 June 2018: Denmark – Peru 1-0 (World Cup Group match) 21 June 2018: Denmark – Australia 1-1 (World Cup Group match).

France, however, has a personal stake in destroying Denmark within the norms of sportsmanship of course. Hareide made a remark arguing that France fails to play as a team, and rather fields superb individual players whose prowess with the ball is undeniable.

If you ask me, it’s unwise to make one of the world football leaders angry with you. But then again, Denmark does have the track record to be playfully arrogant. What will happen today we will see at 4:00 CET.

Croatia and Iceland

Iceland made a great start in the World Cup. By any stretch, has the team perform poorly. Still, they have been struggling to win, however, managing draws and conceding close defeats. Croatia, however, has their minds set on annihilation. They defeated both Nigeria and Argentina with 2-0 and 3-0 respectively. This is a daunting record and any team going up against them will have to be prepared for unpleasant scenarios transpiring.

Even then, Iceland has nearly 20% of their home’s population supporting them today in Russia, and that’s quite the remarkable feat by any measure. We hope that it will turn out to be a highly-contested game. Even if things go awry, Icelanders have a strong and unbreakable spirit.