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Everton vs Man City in the Latest EPL Round

Manchester City will be coming into the EPL fight on Saturday against Everton.

Everton vs Man City in the Latest EPL Round

Manchester City will be coming into the EPL fight on Saturday against Everton. With so much happening, Man City have gone undefeated for the most of the English Premier League (EPL). But this changed when they faced Chelsea in the last round and suffered a rather solid defeat, with 2-0 in favor of Chelsea. Let’s look at the upcoming games now.

Where to Watch Everton vs Man City


Before we go on with analyzing the games, let’s focus on something else. Let’s make sure that we will not miss the game when it finally arrives on Saturday. You have several ways to enjoy the match. You can watch it on your telly or you can attend the game in person.

But what if you can just sit at home and find a proper live stream? We believe to hold the answer to this. Live streaming will be indeed the option that will sit best with you. You can enjoy yourself hundreds of possible streams, including the best ones for Manchester City vs Everton.

If you are not sure that you will want to follow the action live, you can always just check the scores. The scores are quite brilliantly convenient and you will enjoy yourself a great deal. With a live score option, you can always check up what’s going on and never be late with the news.

Manchester City – Definitely a Strong Team


Man City will definitely be the favorite for the game against Everton. Man City will be slightly challenged, but only just. The team has known no defeat until it went up against Chelsea recently and lost 2-0. But still, we dare say that City are allowed one single loss.

Everton on the other hand has been doing quite well. It mostly achieved draws against other teams but this has not discouraged the team from pursuing an optimal game. They did lose to Liverpool recently, but that’s no reason for concern either, as Everton only conceded a single point to Liverpool, which is an impressive achievement in its own.

Of course, Everton are not quite on the same level when it comes to pure football skill. We understand the discrepancies but we wouldn’t go so far as to say that Everton don’t stand an honest chance at winning the cup themselves.

When it comes to distinguishing themselves, Everton are truly amazing and we’re very inclined to say that they have a chance. But in order to muster it all up, they will have to compete and compete well.

They cannot allow Manchester City to dominate the entire field, leaving them no room to play with the ball themselves. It’s important to always be on top of one’s game, and it’s even more important to be appreciative of how strong your opponent is. Everton are no fools, so they recognize the challenge and are ready to take up on it.

What Do the Bookmakers Say?


When it comes to the bookmakers, you will be quite happy to find out that they are backing Manchester City by quite a bit. But if you are an Everton fan and believe that the impossible is quite feasible, you can place a smart wager or two.

We are not entirely convinced if Everton has actual chances of topping the competition right this moment, but we want to believe they do. The occasional $5 to $25 bet could fetch you several-hundred-fold return if placed on the right odds, but you should still decide on your own.

As to us? We are here to bring you the best scores, results and more! All you need to do is tune in and watch the game in real time. Enjoy yourself a fair bit right now and have a great Saturday!