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EPL Matches – Our Predictions

A lot of action is going to come down in the following days.

EPL Matches – Our Predictions

A lot of action is going to come down in the following days. The Premier League is going to kick off and with it the hopes of many young footballers will be made or crushed. Who knows what to expect? We certainly don’t! Given our past record with 2018 World Cup, we weren’t so wrong, but the again we weren’t that right, either. The EPL matches are here!

And yet, we feel optimistic about the future and about EPL. So why not take a few guesses, which will we will base on fact on the EPL? Here they come! Our take on the upcoming EPL matches. Fasten your seat belts and read up. The championship is drawing very near indeed.

Arsenal vs Manchester City


Oh, my. Both teams are slated to make a good show. Manchester City have long been said to be the favourites in this race and thus suggesting that only one team could leave victorious, but who is to say if this is true? We know for a fact that Arsenal have made solid transfers over the season, which means that you will see the team do their best in the upcoming match.

Manchester United versus Leicester


A good game is on the cards. United are certainly under pressure after they almost failed their pre-season. And yet people like them and put a great store by them. Even the flabbergasted Mourinho is expecting to come victorious over the opponents from Leicester. Well, good luck Mr. Mourinho and Godspeed! Leicester!

Newcastle vs Tottenham


A tough game indeed. Newcastle and Tottenham are historical rivals and they will have to do exceptional feats to stay ahead of the competition. We will have to see if Spurs can pull a few goals. Then again, the World Cup track record may suggest otherwise. It’s hard to call the outcome. Let’s say that the match will end as a draw.

Liverpool vs. West Ham


It’s time for some unsolicited football action. West Ham may have a name in football but will that be enough for them to withstand Liverpool? Few people think so and to be honest and pardon us the scepticism – we are not part of those! In any event, we hope to see the action take form and shape up in full on the field.

Liverpool, though have an awesome team on the cards and they are likely to score two points in West Ham’s goal.

Bournemouth vs. Cardiff City


Prep yourselves for some football action. Cardiff City are said to be the ones who will really advance their lot during that competition and many people are hoping that this will indeed be the case. However, don’t Bournemouth have it in themselves to make a difference indeed?

We will see shortly!

Fulham vs. Crystal Palace


The match will take place on Saturday at 3 PM BST. Fulham are said to make an example out of Crystal Palace who have the most riveting name in football history. Even then, we don’t think this is going to be the case.

Crystal Palace are in fact a well-rounded squad which is quite capable of defending themselves when the need is.

Huddersfield vs. Chelsea


Go blues, go blues! If we are biased, it’s because we love Chelsea. Even if they are having troubles with Courtois who is home sick, the team is going to stand tall over the competition.

Meanwhile, Mr. Courtois continues to ask the club to let him transfer to Real Madrid and effectively allow him to be closer to his family. It’s a legitimate petition, but Chelsea cannot just let him go when the season is upon them in such a fashion.

Mr. Courtois will have to play, and we hope that he will not be too dispirited to show his form and professionalism on the pitch. Many will not like it for Chelsea to lose, but the match against Huddersfield, pardoning any fans of the team here, should be a piece of cake.

Chelsea, we estimate, will win with at least 2 points in the goal of Huddersfield. The match may prove contentious if Chelsea slip in the first moments, but then again, they are a professional team which has proven itself in many such situations. This Saturday will be no exception, we hope!