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EPL Football Saturday, January 19

It’s been an exciting day for the English Premier League (EPL), we’ll be the first to admit.

EPL Football Saturday, January 19

It’s been an exciting day for the English Premier League (EPL), we’ll be the first to admit. Let’s have a look at the developments in the world of football as they happened in real time today, Saturday, January 19.

A Very Exciting First Match of the Day

Liverpool haven’t been faltering, but they have been pressured by an impressive opponent – Crystal Palace almost managed to defeat the team today, achieving 3-4 going the way of Liverpool. The game was a beautiful one and Crystal Palace really showed what they are capable of.

Pressured by a seemingly weaker team, Liverpool did slip a few times, causing a situation in which a red card had to be granted. Despite the fact that they had lost a player, Liverpool still managed to somewhat dominate, establishing themselves at the top of the food chain and it was definitely a reason to rejoice.

Watford and Burnley did pull off an interesting game themselves. Despite the 0 goals in this match, we’d say that both teams played really well, allowing themselves to play with a flourish. The game didn’t lack any action as well, and we saw a very strong Watford face a convincing Burnley.

New Castle had no trouble dispatching Cardiff off with 3 games going in favour of New Castlers. The result wasn’t quite convincing at first, but soon after the first goal came, Cardiff seemingly lost the initiative and suffered the defeat that followed.

Manchester, West Ham, and Arsenal


Manchester United did fairly well up against Brighton and to some, it was indeed a reason for concern, but to Manchester United, it was okay – first time in many matches. The Red Devils continued to dominate the competition with their exemplary plays, pulling off one good result after another, and this is precisely what was expected & wanted from the team.

It was surprising to see later in the day Bournemouth dispatch West Ham out with 2 goals and 0 going in favour of West Ham.

Most interestingly of all, however, was the game between Chelsea and Arsenal. We’d expected it to be a widely-contested game, but by the half-time, Arsenal had already landed twice in Chelsea’s goal post, leaving them 2 points behind. A rather unpleasant advantage indeed and one that nobody was really happy with in the Blue’s camp. Well, it turns out however that it came to that.

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What’s Next on Sunday?

Tomorrow isn’t going to bring us so much excitement to be honest when it comes to games, but we’re bound to give it a fair go. And so, there will be the games between Manchester City and their opponents from Southampton.

We’d love to see Southampton succeed, much like Crystal Palace almost defeated Liverpool. However, the fact of the matter is that this is very unlikely to happen and for this reason alone we think the match tomorrow will be rather one-sided.

Still, it’s an excellent way to kick back on Sunday and watch one of the best teams in the EPL. Then, after the game is done and dusted, there’ll be another game between Fulham and Tottenham, which will provide you with opportunities to truly stand out and make a fair weekend out of your Sunday! We recommend to tune in and truly give it a go, taking in every second of high-paced football gaming!