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EA Is Now Partners with the EPL

Big World Sports will bring you the latest live matches.

EA Is Now Partners with the EPL

Big World Sports will bring you the latest live matches. If you are interested in following the latest developments in the English Premier League right now, you will have the rare opportunity to do so via our Live Score and Live Streaming options.

It’s time for partnerships. The English Premier League (EPL) has been hitting it off with many a good sponsor. From broadcasting rights to merchandise and more, the EPL definitely doesn’t have a thing to complain about.

Now, Electronic Arts (EA), one of the largest game developers out there has said that it will partner with the English Premier League, which is the most watched football derby on the planet. The partnership will come as part of the FIFA 19 eSports program.

EA Launches Its Inaugural Esports Season

Electronic Arts is now pushing ahead with the ePremier League (ePL) tournament, which will complement the existing EA Sports FIFA Global Series. All UK-based players will have an excellent chance to get into the top eSports competition and be part of the EPL’s digital confrere.

The United Kingdom is also a perfect place to kickstart the initiative for a number of reasons. First, the UK’s top premier clubs have had eSports representatives for a long, long while now. Manchester United, Manchester City, and West Ham are some of the best-established competitors in the digital world of competitive gaming.

But to make things even more exciting, all 20 Premier League clubs will be part of the tournament. To make sure that the event resonates with both mainstream and video gaming fans, it will be broadcast on Sky Sports and the Premier League social media channels.

Among the most excited officials to comment this were EA Competitive Gaming Division Todd Sitrin who said:

“The Premier League’s global reach and intensely passionate fanbase pushes EA Sports FIFA competition to unprecedented heights as we accelerate esports growth through traditional sports.”

“Through the ePL, this partnership carves a critical path forward in expanding competition not only for players, but for the hundreds of millions watching Premier League games who now can support their club on the virtual and the traditional pitch,” he continued.

He was then joined by his colleague from the EA Sports FIFA competitive gaming commissioner Brent Koning who said: “Having the most popular football league in the world commit to competitive gaming in this expansive fashion we believe only accelerates the community’s enthusiasm for both FIFA competitive gaming and the Premier League.”

The Revolution Will Be Digitized

There have been a lot of positive events in the world of eSports and traditional football. The fact that these two events are coming closer together is just fantastic. Of course, there has been a fair amount of criticism against eSports, especially by mainstream sports fans.

However, the industry is set to take the world by storm and there’s just no way that the grappling of a handful of luddites will make investors turn a blind eye at an opportunity that promises to be worth one or two billion by 2022.

EA are only now making their first forays into eSports. By partnering with the largest tournament in the world, they are doing a right step towards making their commitment more pronounced.

In the meanwhile, do remember that at Big World Sport we do indeed provide you with excellent opportunities to watch the real English Premier League derbies in real time. And who knows? If eSports gain such overwhelming momentum, our Live Scores may soon cover those outcomes as well!