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E Group and the 2018 World Cup

E Group is upon us, and we ought to examine it up close to chart future betting opportunities.

E Group and the 2018 World Cup

E Group is upon us, and we ought to examine it up close to chart future betting opportunities. And not only. We will also want to focus on how likely some of the teams we root for are to continue. Let’s avoid mincing words here and plunge right into E Group of the 2018 World Cup about to kick off in Russia. The selection pits teams of varying football prowess, but ultimately, they all seem to stand a fair chance of progressing to the next stage. We have Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, and Serbia.

Unabashedly, we would say that Brazil stands to almost certainly win. The team has decided to channel a fairly new, young team. Their qualities will be showcased during the upcoming events. Yes, Brazil may be the primed leaders, but who is to follow in their wake?

All three of the remaining teams have claimed to the second place. Surprisingly, Switzerland is given the best odds of besting the other two, and possibly Brazil itself.

From a personal standpoint, I would not want to rule out Costa Rica just yet. They have strong midfielders who are capable of turning an enemy’s attack into a quick counter-offensive.

The Schedule of Group E

Let’s begin with possibly the most important bit of the upcoming event – the time & dates of competitions. As the current groups stand, we will enjoy some tense action in Group E:

  • Sunday 17 June: Costa Rica v Serbia @ 10pm
  • Monday 18 June: Brazil v Switzerland @ 4am
  • Friday 22 June: Brazil v Costa Rica @ 10pm
  • Saturday 23 June: Serbia v Switzerland @ 4am
  • Thursday 28 June: Serbia v Brazil @ 4am, Switzerland v Costa Rica @ 4am

As you can see, we will get an exciting action in Group E almost every other day, and that is enough to keep our interests well-stoked and kicking.

Brazil – A Quick Look at the Team

Well, Brazil has made 20 World Cup appearances and is currently ranked 2n in the FIFA Ranking system. The team draws from a number of football starts, most notably Neymar Jr, who was recently implicated into a tax evasion scandal. We expect Brazil to climb to the very top of the competition without much hassle, but still – dangers lurk.

Switzerland – Why Second?

Switzerland are quite the accomplished footballers by the look of it! They have been in 10 World Cup and that’s admittedly fewer times than the top dogs. Conversely, they are 6th in the FIFA Ranking system, which is quite brilliant. Xherdan Shaqiri is a promising footballer who is going to be Switzerland’s greatest hope in tackling the Brazilian squad.

Costa Rica – A Strong Chance

Costa Rica hasn’t had as many World Cup appearances. But don’t write them off just yet. They managed to reach the quarter-finals in 2014. Presently, their strongest pick is Keylor Navas who has been playing for Real Madrid. The current coach Oscar Ramirez, has been able to help the team on quite a few counts and Costa Rica now stands a decent chance of actually progressing to the next stage.

Serbia – A Regular ‘un

Serbia has had 11 appearances in the World Cup tournaments so far, so yes – it’s a regular team. However, it’s ranked 35 in FIFA Ranking. Serbia seem to have a strong team, but they are underperforming and the reason is not quite known to experts.
They will be relying on their star – Mladen Krstajic to lead the team to a World Cup glory, albeit Krstajic will have to rely foremost on his own squad if he wants to excel.

What We Think Will Happen

There is a chance that Brazilian’s squad will falter and end up second. The most likely candidates to steal the first spot are Switzerland and Costa Rica whereas Serbia, while dangerous, is still struggling to resort its internal strife.
However, with a few strokes of luck, this groups promises to be quite exciting to watch and the results are not always to be anticipated. We will be thrilled to see how the games actually pan out, albeit it will take some time before we have our answers. For the time being, we can only speculate and delve back into the friendlies, ahead of the imminent World Cup. Group E promises a lot of action anywho!