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Crystal Palace to Play Chelsea This Week!

Chelsea and Crystal Palace are about to meet on November 4, Sunday.

Crystal Palace to Play Chelsea This Week!

Chelsea and Crystal Palace are about to meet on November 4, Sunday. This will be definitely an interesting match after Crystal Palace manage to fight back against Arsenal in a match that finished 2 vs 2. Who will win? It’s anyone’s guess. With this being said, it’s time to look at the chances of both teams to make a difference in their own fortunes.

Chelsea will definitely play for victory here but Crystal Palace, having tasted what they can actually do are perhaps all too ready to oblige the team and give them, as it is, a good hammering. Crystal Palace managed to hold up well against Arsenal. Can we see a repeat here?

The Game – Crystal Palace, Chelsea


Let’s make sure that we won’t miss a single second of the action first as this is what matters here. First things first, as it is. If you are here to watch the game we can help you with that on the spot. You should hit our Live Section where all the match details will be laid bare for you!

But better yet, you can actually live stream! Yes, it’s now or never. Or actually later, because our team wants to make sure that you can actually keep up with the developments of the day.

So many hopes are pinned on both teams indeed! There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy stellar plays, though Chelsea will most likely be the team that will dictate the game and which way the ball will go. With this in mind, there is quite a bit to take out of the entire situation, and you will quickly learn about the more important aspects of the game.

Crystal Palace seem to be quite confident in their own skills despite the string of unfortunate events, too! With this in mind, Crystal Palace will be entering the derby quite hopeful of landing a soul-crushing victory, though unlikely it may be.

Chelsea on the other hand know that they are a good team. Nearly all of their footballers from the back to the forward are equally matched in seasoned in football which will allow them to perform well.

Picking a Bet


Betting on this game is risky. Chelsea have an 80% chance of winning, and this is optimistic, some consider, as they give the Blues 100%. Crystal Palace are much worse off at the bookies and that is actually quite understandable. With this in mind, you will quickly notice that Chelsea are understandably the favoured son.

The Blues have had a stellar track record so far, although they did concede a draw with one another team, West Ham. This was most damaging to their reputation, some wanted to suggest, but there is nothing damaging in fact.

West Ham are simply a great team who can find their feet when it comes to the final day of action and it’s understandable why they have been doing so well as well. With West Hammers out of the equation, though Crystal Palace are appearing to be a solid opponent, which is important.

You will quickly notice that Chelsea actually have quite a bit of chance to be on top of their game and that is quite excellent to speak the truth. It will be quite exciting to see this action kicking off in earnest! With all of these things considered, you are now at the forefront of the best gaming action in history and we encourage you to tune in and watch.

Watching the Game

Watching the game is of course quite possible, too. You will notice that for the most part, there are excellent opportunities to do whatever you wish. You will never have to worry where to witness the upcoming game between Chelsea and Crystal Palace simply because we are on it and quite prepared to take on the action.

You can generally go about two ways if you have decided to watch our game. First, you might want to pick one of the few options we offer you. It’s either through the Live Tab or just scroll down to the stream box and enjoy the game.

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