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Crystal Palace Meets Newcastle Again on Satuday

Crystal Palace and Newcastle haven’t been the top performers of the league.

Crystal Palace Meets Newcastle Again on Satuday

Crystal Palace and Newcastle haven’t been the top performers of the league. To speak the truth, there is a lot that can be improved in this competition and both teams know it. After having struggled for so long, they are not about to improve overnight. But such is the fortune of some teams. There is no shame in that, of course, but there is no glory.

Newcastle and Crystal Palace now have some hard gaming and calculation ahead of them. However, the simple fact is no team can really recuperate from what they have been doing unless there is a major change.

The Major Change that Never Occurred

When it comes to changes, you will immediately notice that there’s a lot to be desired with teams such as New Castle and Crystal Palace. A major reshuffle Ent on a managerial level would be needed for the teams to truly make the cut. But is this possible? Our experts at Big World Sports think not.

The league is too top heavy. And top heavy as it is, this leaves little wiggle room to aspiring teams such as Newcastle and Crystal Palace to shine. They are indeed waning powerhouses. But their fortunes can be upended with a few quick successes. But who is to say that this is possible?

Wilfried Zaha. Who else, but Wilfried Zaha, though and how is he relevant? This is indeed a tough question, but we may as well have the answer for you.

The Eagles are indeed all the worse without him and Zaha’s been performing better and better, week in and week out.

He has three goals in four appearances this season and that’s pretty decent, we will be the first to admit. Zaha is indeed the power player that any team at this level would need to succeed.

The Weakest Player Indeed

Newcastle have definitely what to be ashamed of. Their play has been sloppy and they have to do a lot to prove themselves. Indeed, they may also be offering a home to the weakest player on the team. Newcastle’s has a lot of slack to pick up. Especially where the midfielders are concerned. It’s there where the team will have to bolster its efforts if it wants to see the light of day. It’s difficult to say if it’s will work, but there is a real shot right there for Newcastle to prop up their own game. So why waste it?

The line-ups are still not decided, but the most likely development is as such:

Crystal Palace likely XI: Hennessey; Wan-Bissaka, Tomkins, Sakho, van Aanholt; Kouyate, Milivojevic, McArthur; Townsend, Zaha; Ayew

Newcastle likely XI: Dubravka; Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Dummett; Shelvey, Diame; Ritchie, Perez, Kenedy; Rondon.

As we can see from the setup, there are hardly any surprises, and that’s all good news indeed. With this in mind, it may still be worth giving alternatives a go. The next section we have prepared is to show you where to watch and how to do it.

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So, this is all about the upcoming match between Newcastle and Crystal Palace. Both teams have a lot that they can do to improve. However, the question remains, can they really do it?