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Croatia to Face Off Russia Soon

It’s hard not to be excited about the quarter finals.

Croatia to Face Off Russia Soon

It’s hard not to be excited about the quarter finals. If you have a favorite, chances are they may be eliminated quickly. It’s just that in this stage of the World Cup there’s not much wriggle room for error. And as we write this France is scoring its first goal against Uruguay. Ask us pointblank and we’ll tell you – we want Uruguay to win. France’s had too many opportunities to be at the forefront of football action and we want to give someone, such as Uruguay.

And we have plenty of reasons to like Uruguay. They have been playing well all throughout the competition and there’s no coming back from the expectations that we have for the team. France seems to be gathering momentum but we are not really scared by this. Uruguay is the team we root for. Mind, we spend a fair bit of our time in Nice, so we are not biased.

In any event, the first leg of the match is about to conclude and in the 43:10 we see a shot in the direction of France’s goal where the captain manages to save the goal with his outstretched right hand. It’s a close brush indeed and we are genuinely interested in how this match is going to pan out. But now the footballers are heading out for a break and so we will consider the next match that’s coming up. Enter Brazil versus Belgium.

Brazil vs Belgium

If you are waiting to see who will win, we are fairly certain that Brazil has the upper hand. Belgium has long been the underdog of the race and they have lived up to their name. Slated to play at 20:00 CET, the team will be facing arguably the strongest team in the world.

Brazil may still be smarting from hosting the World Cup in 2014, but they have done well during this championship. As you see, there’s been little competition in the event of Belgium. They didn’t exactly have an easy run up against England, but that makes no odds because the team has still been very much present and active in the realm of football.

Brazil will definitely stand tall over Belgium, but that doesn’t mean Belgium should just yield. We are backing Belgium in this case. Neymar’s spent too much time simulating on the grass to be worthy of our attention and his recent brush with authorities is not too flattering either.

We don’t want Neymar to win, not because he doesn’t deserve to from purely football standpoint, but the game is supposed to also entail a set of value. Just because you can kick the ball well, doesn’t mean you should be winning the most prestigious even in the game’s history.

Seeing Belgium win will be a much-deserved win and one that we think is worthy of praise.

Sweden vs England

Sweden will be facing off England tomorrow. And this will be some competition indeed! You will see the team come up against the English heavy gunners, but nobody can promise it a win. Well neither can we, but Sweden overcoming Switzerland seems like more worthy feet to us than England riding over Colombia.

Tall and quick, the Swedish defence seems to be in the right spot to stave off an oncoming attack from England. Even then, we suspect a draw will be the most likely outcome during the regulated time.

The penalty shots will, of course, be anyone’s guess.

Russia vs Croatia

Russia has surprised everyone making it so far into the competition. If the Russians managed to defeat Croatia that will definitely win the praises of even the biggest critics. Croatia has been doing exceptionally well, and if Russia manages to defeat Croatia, that will draw recognition even from the most stubborn detractors. And if it doesn’t – tough luck, it’s entirely the stubborn lot’s problem that they don’t want to acknowledge the superb plays.

And so Russia has much to be hopeful about. Hopefully, we will see the team progress to the next stage, albeit we secretly root for Croatia and do consider them to be the vastly superior team on this occasion. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but we will be rooting for our favourites nonetheless.