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Chelsea vs Manchester City – Odds & Predictions: Watch Live

Manchester City and Chelsea are meeting in a few hours from ow and that’s quite the acceptable challenge for anyone out there.

Chelsea vs Manchester City – Odds & Predictions: Watch Live

Manchester City and Chelsea are meeting in a few hours from ow and that’s quite the acceptable challenge for anyone out there. Love the Blues? Then you will be getting two teams that call themselves blue to support. They are both very determined to win, too. Let’s see how this plays out first.

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The Blues Meet the Blues: Chelsea vs. Manchester City


Well, here come two teams that are absolutely evenly match. Believe it or not, these two squads are quite powerful and evenly matched, which means that what you will be getting out of the game is pretty evenly matched.

It’s hard to say which team will have an advantage in the upcoming clash and we will certainly be hard-pressed to identify the winners immediately. However, we’re perfectly aware that this shouldn’t take you too much time – after the final whistle blow.

Before that, it would be almost impossible to tell. Both teams can slip and allow their opponent score a few points. But none of the teams is determine to let the other dominate completely.

This means that both teams will be constantly trying to one up each other, which will keep the crowd roaring with delight and fans admiring the athletes unfolding this game on the field.

There’s a lot to take in for both teams. Manchester City and Chelsea have almost the same performance this year, although Chelsea was outstripped by an unlikely opponent – Manchester United. Meanwhile, Manchester City is at 20 victories whereas Chelsea only has 15.

This is no reason for concern, but it shows that Chelsea are slightly behind the pack. There are other reasons for concern as well.

Can Chelsea Gun Down Manchester City


Man City are definitely ahead in the competition. Overcoming them will be quite the tall order and we can definitely see some difficulties with that. However, we’d like to think that everyone is onboard and fully-prepared to address the challenges such as they are.

Chelsea will have to pull themselves together if they want to prevail in this debate. To succeed, they will most likely need to ensure that they play at their absolute best. But being in your A game when facing off with such opponent can indeed be quite the tall order.

What Are the Odds?


If you are a punter, then checking up on the odds real quick will indeed help you a ton and we welcome your decision. If you choose to bet on Chelsea as the winner, you are in for quite the profit. The present odds for the team are 11/2 which is a surprisingly favorable odds indeed.

If you want to look into backing Chelsea, then you will need to commit at odds 12/25, which is definitely still some amount to wager and you can enjoy yourself a fair bit if you are willing to invest more moment.

When it comes to betting odds, we do recommend you to go back a little and check the teams’ history as well. This will give you a slightly better idea of what’s in for them. As per the last five games, Chelsea have two losses whereas Manchester only lost to Newcastle United with a single score.

On the other hand, Chelsea showed some very disconcerting weakness, which most certainly cannot be sanctioned in the long term.