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Chelsea vs Cardiff, What to Expect

Two teams are slated to meet again.

Chelsea vs Cardiff, What to Expect

Two teams are slated to meet again. Chelsea and Cardiff will play this upcoming Saturday as part of the English Premier League (EPL). All keen observers may wonder – what’s this about? Well, it’s about the realization that Cardiff may not be able to overcome an opponent with a stellar track record that is impeccable.

A Look at the Stats so Far

Chelsea’s last six games are clear wins. The team has not struggled much to succeed, even though it put up a great fight with several teams. Playing versus Bournemouth, Chelsea realised 2-0 in their favour. They won over Newcastle with 2-1 and the game with Arsenal didn’t give them as much trouble, albeit they almost let Arsenal catch up to them with 3-2 as the final score.

Huddersfield were truly rather easy to overcome at 3-0 and in a Community Shield match, Chelsea lost to Manchester City with 2-0. Meanwhile, Cardiff definitely didn’t have much luck. It lost to Norwich with 3-1 and to Arsenal with 3-2, which may not seem like too much. Well, it’s not. But the fact remains that the team lost and they haven’t been cutting the most convincing figure in general.

Chelsea are clearly going to win this game unless some miracle happens. However, there are no miracles when Chelsea are playing against a grossly mismatched team. This is not to say that Cardiff haven’t been doing well. They have, but not well enough to win, which the most important fact here.

However, their temporary setback could be overturned by a defeat over Chelsea. However, what are the chances of this happening?

Can Chelsea Actually Lose?

The short answer is – yes. Every time in EPL may suffer a defeat by a fellow team and that’s the beauty of the game and the league itself. However, the odds of this happening are really slim. So slim, in fact, that you cannot realistically expect to overcome the odds. So, with this in mind, Cardiff are on a course to lose. And that’s not all, to be quite honest. If they do, they will consolidate Chelsea’s position at the top of the league.

Of course, Liverpool are likely to come victorious playing against Tottenham, but then again – nobody can guarantee that this will happen. Hence the uncertainties that surround the league. It’s true, though that Chelsea are now facing a bit of a leeway, meaning they will end up playing a weaker team and likely accumulate much needed points.

Cardiff, on the other hand, could muster their mettle and courage and upset the plans of Chelsea. If they do, this will be one of the most amazing victories we have all witnessed. Cardiff have all the reason to want to have it back at Chelsea as they, i.e. Cardiff, are at the bottom of the league whereas Chelsea are at the top. It would be a neat little way of paying the stronger teams back!

This article will be updated. Please expect our exact preview of the match once more details become available.