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Chelsea Opens the EPL with Domination

The Premier League is now kicking off and we can see quite the accomplished team forging ahead.

Chelsea Opens the EPL with Domination

The Premier League is now kicking off and we can see quite the accomplished team forging ahead. This is no surprise. Did you doubt Chelsea or Tottenham Hospur establishing themselves over the less skilled Fulham and Cardiff City? We never, for a moment did! And to be honest that’s a bit of a prejudice on our part, but what can we do.

Chelsea’s Game


Pedo, N’Golo Kante, and Jorginho all sealed the deal for Chelsea overwhelming the opponents quite markedly. It’s been an easy game indeed, but that was what we have all expected.

Chelsea have been caught in a bit of a strife of their own with Mr. Courtois repeatedly asking to leave the team. Some have even begun to doubt whether he will see his season through or intentionally try to sabotage Chelsea’s game. Of course, such allegations are nigh-ridiculous.

No professional athlete of the stature of Mr. Courtois will be put in an embarrassing position such as the one outlined here. Chelsea also debuted Kepa Arrizabalaga in his team, which he had purchased for 72 million pounds.

Apparently, the calls of Mr. Courtois had not fallen on deaf ears and Chelsea were all prepared to go it against the weaker teams in the group. There has been a lot of action well worth noting down. And if you think that Chelsea would stop fielding Mr. Arrizabalaga, you are probably wrong.

The goalie is slated to make more appearances throughout the competition and some even suspect that Mr. Courtois will take the bench for a while, whilst the management is fixated on following their new acquisition and working a deal with Real Madrid for the transfer of Mr. Courtois.

Chelsea’s real strife, though is about to begin, because as the group stage is over, more serious teams will start to come their way.

Looking at the Results


A further look at the current results reveals an interesting trend:

  • Manchester United 2-1 Leicester
  • Newcastle 1-2 Tottenham
  • Bournemouth 2-0 Cardiff
  • Fulham 0-2 Crystal Palace
  • Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea
  • Watford 2-0 Brighton
  • Wolves 2-2 Everton

Wolves and Everton made the most exciting game for sure. Chelsea, as we have said destroyed Huddersfield, and Newcastle conceded a mild victory to Tottenham.

But most notably, Manchester United managed to bounce back, even though Leicester also scored back in their goalie. Oh, and for the nonce, Big World Sports was right about the outcome of the competition! Manchester did indeed with two points, which was our original bet.

Today’s matches are already underway, but a more exhaustive reporting will only be available tomorrow. Even then, don’t you worry about missing out on any of the action! First, beIN media are already streaming it along with hundreds of other providers. Secondly, you can enjoy the games and live scores right here at Big World Sports.

The Future Champion

Given the start of the competition, we can put Chelsea ahead of the race. But then again, they did have one of the lowbies in the group. Wouldn’t thing have been a wee bit different had they played any of the other teams here? We suspect as much, however no definitive proof exists. If things keep this way, though, we will see Chelsea eventually meet Manchester United.

And it will the day of reckoning for many. Will Chelsea manage to put the team’s new footballers to good use? What will happen with Man United’s struggling game? Perhaps the Red Devils will find their feet as they continue to play throughout the league, reaping successes.

The EPL football action continues today. We finish here as it’s Sunday