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Chelsea and William – The Facts

Chelsea are likely to break their own policy in order to preserve Willian playing for them.

Chelsea and William – The Facts

Chelsea are likely to break their own policy in order to preserve Willian playing for them. The Brazilian footballer is likely to get a two-year contract extension as Chelsea are not interested in accepting bids from Manchester City or FC Barcelona who have been quite determined to put their wagers down for the footballer. Success, though will also depend on whether Willian himself is prepared to stay with the team.

Chelsea are not in the habit of retaining 30-year-old and older footballer on more than a year-contract, but apparently the club wants to keep Willian at all costs. This is also a smart move, as when Willian’s stint is over, he will be older, which may lead to a small dip in his price. Chelsea has also used the one-year rule to make sure that it can sever ties with footballers that are not quite meeting the desired requirements.

Willian may also see his salary increase. He currently received about GBP120,000 a week and has two more years on with the team. Only the time will show how things will play out for the footballer, but he does seem committed to Chelsea and not really willing to give up on the blues.

Chelsea’s Transfers

As to more news items about Chelsea’s upcoming transfers, the name of Borussia Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic is one of the floated suggestions for a fresh addition to the team. Chelsea wants to retain the services of Mr Pulisic even though its keeping its intentions under tight wraps despite the rumours swirling around.

Chelsea had a rather poor pre-season because many of the players were at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which slowed down the operations of the team. Chelsea managed to add the names of Jorginho, Rob Green, Mateo Kovacic, and Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Chelsea's Torres

Chelsea is definitely seeking ways to consolidate its own standing against the other teams in the EPL. Manchester City and Manchester City along with Liverpool are outstanding opponents. Even the threat of Arsenal is still very palpable and whilst all clubs are being criticized over their splurging of money for footballers, the top clubs continue to pursue new additions.

The team has been honestly experiencing quite the intense transfers in recent months for the purposes of streamlining its offer and staying atop of its game. However, is this justifiable? Have main clubs grown too complacent with the fact they have a lot of money to spend whereas the lower teams are more modest in terms of purchasing power

The Disparity in the EPL

The question of disparity is serious enough to merit some further examination. Teams in the upper-competitive bracket are of course far more likely to have the funds to power expensive transfers. But looking at the facts, it’s not difficult to see a tendency emerge.

Richer clubs are quite happy to indulge in thrifty practices, which puts the rest of the teams at a significant disadvantage, narrowing down the EPL and making sure that new entrants are not quite welcome.

Liverpool has been one of the teams that was most severely criticised over their choice to splurge out on footballers in the recent past. Transfers that exceed the respectable threshold are always talked about and more often than not – criticised with some severity.

The Solution

Teams shouldn’t stop trading footballer or transferring for sufficient sums, but when it comes to creating opportunities for skill-based teams, there should be more. For instance, no team should be bogged down in meeting financial expectations, because this will influence their game.

Some may argue that the better a club is, the more money they would have to invite world-class athletes. However, it’s a vicious circle in which the top brass always takes the best ones leaving the less financially well-to-do teams.

A silver lining may be spotted in acquiring branding rights and TV rights, but the less popular names can’t really sell themselves well, not to mention that most of this is already managed by the top-level executives in the EPL.

And one cannot escape the feeling that less experienced teams are there just as a fodder to the big fish. Of course, the argument that they have qualified on skill is also one that merits attention and respect.

However, the reality here is that teams hardly progress far when faced with the inexhaustible financial resources of the competition.