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Chelsea and Liverpool, A Hard Earned Drwa

A game that everyone anticipated was certainly the one between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Chelsea and Liverpool, A Hard Earned Drwa

A game that everyone anticipated was certainly the one between Liverpool and Chelsea. There was quite a bit of speculation – who would win and how. Some said that the very balance of the skies will wobble. And they were right for Liverpool and Chelsea met and there were sparkles. Even if Chelsea couldn’t defeat West Ham in the previous game they were definitely not going to leave Liverpool walk all over them.

And with this in mind it so happened that Chelsea and Liverpool started the game under the cheer of their fans. Not everyone was prepared for what followed on the field, though. Both squads seemed to posses the ball equally long, which enabled them to strike against one another more often than not. The goals or let’s say it like this – the attempts to score, were coming minute in and minute out. There was nothin that would suggest that the either team wasn’t prepared to attack, but also defed.

And so it truly was. Liverpool and Chelsea exchanged one point each. It was indeed masterly skill and superb game that prevented more goals entering the post of any of the two teams, although it definitely were for lack of trying. Sooner than later, titans in the EPL clash.

Chelsea’s Recod So Far

Chelsea has had to put quite a bit of effort to stay on top of its game. Underestimating West Ham nearly cost the blues, but they managed to recuperate their pace and stave off the prodding West Hammers who were barraging their goal with vicious attacks all throughout the competition. It wasn’t just West Hammers that Chelsea had to worry about.

Meanwhile, News Broke that Roman Abramovic, the Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin who owns the team, may be forced to sell up the team because of intensifying United States sanctions. This may have had its temporary effect on the footballers, and it might showed in the game against West Ham, but we are generally of the opinion that it was West Gan who showed a super game that demonstrated how skilled the team was.

Chelsea, as they were, were simply on their path. But Chelsea had the luck of not being Manchester United. Let’s not go there now though.

Liverpool – The Unbreakable

Liverpool definitely can’t be too happy with a draw . A team such as theirs is accustomed to winning and winning is part of their very fabric. Why then would they be interested in keeping a draw. Well, it’s very simple indeed. They just couldn’t overcome the challenge that came from Chelsea, and to be perfectly honest – nobody can fault them for that precisely. There has been quite a bit to consider in the game.

First, Chelsea may not have had as many victories, drawing against West Ham, but they are certainly a team that is just as accomplished as are West Ham. With this in mind, underestimating them will always come at the gross disappointment of the team that is allowing itself the mistake.

The Blues have had a perfect track recoding their past ten years, and while not always winning every competition out there, they have been always amongst the top contenders and quite the powerful team , able of upsetting the established order in quite the imaginative way.

Liverpool knew what they were getting into, but they didn’t want to acknowledge it in full and it might have cost them. With this in mind, Liverpool will now know that a perfect score require persistent commitment. Alas, committed as a team might be , there are always the dangers coming from the opposing team to consider, too.