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Champions Premier League Footballers – Top Talent

This is the second part of our review of the Champions Premier League best and brightest footballers.

Champions Premier League Footballers – Top Talent

This is the second part of our review of the Champions Premier League best and brightest footballers. If you have missed the first part, we kindly recommend you double back and give it another flick. Otherwise, read on and enjoy our latest round of analysis.

There are many important aspects of the league. The up-and-coming talent that you will find playing here are definitely worth your while and we advise you to give them a good look. These are some of the footballers that will help you place better-informed wagers and possibly guarantee you some steady windfall out of your sports betting efforts.

Most of the players here are quite promising in their own right. By keeping a close eye on these particular players, you will be able to achieve at least two things:

  • You will get a competitive edge in placing sports bets
  • You will be on the lookout for the up and coming teams out there

It all is quite worth your while. By giving us a shot to prove that your while is worth it, we’ll introduce you not only to a list of promising footballers, but to many other options, such as sports streams, history of previous matches, which will help you get an idea of what the upcoming changes in the world of football are. Let’s check out the footballers we consider to be new up-and-coming stars:

Jarrod Bowen, Hull City, 22


Jarrow Bowen may be only 22 years of age but he’s already one of the most distinguished footballers there. He has managed to pull off 15 league goals putting him ahead of the competition and he has even managed to score 7 of these in consecutive games, meaning that opponents are now wary of facing Bowen off.

He’s reportedly prepared for a transfer to Tottenham, although there’s very little that confirms this information. He’s know for his left foot strike, which is a source of much concern among defenders, although a generation of defenders have grown playing against Lionel Messi, so this doesn’t put Bowen exactly at the helm of all competitors, but it’s a very good ability to have.

Joe Rodon, Swansea City, 21

Joe Rodon is one of Swansea City’s favorite players. He’s playing in the back, reinforcing the defense lines of the team and also helping with the offensive moves in the middle of the field. He’s got an incredible in-air performance, which allows him to win 2/3 of all confrontation that require players to jump.

More interestingly, some commentators have said that Joe Rodon manages to position himself well before he fights for an air borne ball, which gives him his advantage.

Oliver McBurnie, Swansea City, 22


Oliver McBurnie is teammates with Rodon. He has already scored nine goals in the competition and he’s got a decent tally. Admittedly, his performance hasn’t been impeccable with unexpected turns for the wrose on the field. However, he manages to partner well with is teammates and can move the ball forward in a series of quick brisk passes and proper positioning.

Harry Wilson, Derby County, 21


Harry Wilson is definitely one of the noteworthy players this season. He’s quite diverse in his play style and he can cove long-distances, not only at a quick pace, but by shooting the ball properly. He’s dangerous from long-distance shots and he can cut the distance between himself and an opponent. He’s aggressive, though always clean in the way he approaches opponents. His presence to any team is an undeniable advantage and he’s very happy to still be helping his team of Derby Cunty.

Che Adams, Birmingham City, 22


Che Adams is still a very hesitant players but we have seen him out-do much more pronounced players as well. With 12 goals in 70 championship appearances, he still has a lot to improve upon. However, his most recently results have shown even a better side of Adams – 12 goals in just 26 appearances. Apparently, this footballer is sitting on a lot of talent and anyone who underestimates him will pay dearly. Training with Birmingham has also been a huge asset for Che Adams, who has yet what to show us!