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Can Virtual Football Be Just as Popular?

Soccer is the best game there is.

Can Virtual Football Be Just as Popular?

Soccer is the best game there is. From UEFA, to the FA Cup, to the EPL, there are many diverse competitions that demonstrate the physical prowess that man is capable of. However, a new, and some say – strange, segment is now shaping up as a great pastime. Enter FIFA esports. 

What’s FIFA Esports and Is It Popular? 

Video game simulators of real sports are not just popular – they are a massive business that easily rivals and puts to shame many mainstream sports. Soccer is not one of those, however. The beautiful game still beats any attempt to be emulated online.

All things considered, though, competitive video gaming (known as esports) is taking off. This is a serious business which has millions of fans around the world. One day, this number will tip into billions.

Why? Because everyone plays video games – especially FIFA, the game developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Granted – loads of people play, but why should this concern you?

We can think of at least a dozen good reasons.

The English Premier League Says Yes to Esports

The English Premier League (EPL) announced last year that it will be developing its own esteemed competitive format for gamers. All 20 teams of the EPL have agreed to field competitors in video gaming. In fact, two already had by the time the announcement came, namely:

  • West Ham
  • Manchester City

Video games are just as skilled as are their mainstream counterparts. You laugh? Well, Formula 1 driver Lucas di Grassi just got served by esports champion Enzo Bonito – on a real race track. Before you say that this is a fluke, it helps to know that the U.S. military have been recruiting gamers as they posses the reflexes that need to be drilled into a good soldier.

Even Sky News did a piece with Gfinity Executive Garry Cook. In case you aren’t up to date, Gfinity are a popular tournament brad in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Esports have a huge following both among soccer lovers but among footballers themselves. It all comes down to being able to outperform an opponent, what football is all about. With the English Premier League (for esports lovers) now available, it comes as a small surprise that some of the world’s best players are embracing the game.

Are Esports in Soccer Truly Global? 

As a matter of fact – yes. UEFA supports a global Championship Cup which is organized by EA, the developer of the game. It’s indeed truly exciting to witness progress as this and that’s precisely why mainstream football fans are finally realizing – there’s something to all of it.

Indeed, the main competitive leagues in Spain and Denmark have signed with EA Games and will now offer competitive digital competitions. Footballers also love to play with far too many of them spending a good deal toying with various titles.

There is quite a bit to enjoy indeed. FIFA competitors are main athletes as well as sworn gamers. Things are getting even more interesting.

How Much Soccer Esports Athletes Make?

By now you are probably curious – do esports athletes make a living? Well, as a matter of fact they do. Apart from competing for several hundred thousand dollars each year, they are also paid regular salaries these days.

Some organizations would pay up to $32,000 per year for their gamers to represent the team while others would be paying well over $150,000. This is a lot and the amount is only about to get even more substantial in the long term.

What determines the popularity of esports? It’s quite simple:

  • Love for the game
  • Immense marketing opportunities

If you think that the EPL is a big advertisement sweet spot, you should read some of the predictions about the esports industry. Estimated 400 million people will be watching esports for fun by the end of 2020. The real figures, though, are probably bigger.

Esports will also cost the whopping $1 billion ++. This means that investors are already looking into ways to make it possible for their brands to benefit from this new development.

Can I Be an Esports Professional?

By now you probably want to try your luck at mashing buttons. Well, it’s definitely not as easy as you might think it is. It takes a lifetime dedication and the best athletes to succeed are those who have allocated a significant part of their time to this goal.

There are quite a few reasons why you can check out the digital alternative of soccer, but bear in mind that only a few people can make it a viable career path.