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Bright New Stars in EPL to Look Out For!

The Premier League is upon us and it’s time for all of us to sit down and consider the bright new stars of the upcoming competition.

Bright New Stars in EPL to Look Out For!

The Premier League is upon us and it’s time for all of us to sit down and consider the bright new stars of the upcoming competition. Yes, there’s a lot of fresh blood and we ought to sit down a moment and consider the 11 youthful who will change the fortunes not only of the competition but those of their own team as well. And without further ado, here they come.

Phil Foden


Who else if not Phil Foden is prepared to take on competition of such stature? Already 18-year-old, he’s ready for some fast-paced action. Manchester City definitely have a solid player in him and it would be the team’s secret weapon all throughout the race.

Ryan Sessegnon


It’s time to put things in perspective. Sessegnon is also a youngster, aged 18. He’s got control over the left wing and he is also primed for a national footballer. His EPL debut will definitely be something to be on the lookout for and we can’t just deny him the limelight.

All eyes will be on him. Among others.

Ademola Lookman


Ademola Lookman made 11 appearances in EPL. He’s been a known face around English football and he’s managed to win the admirations of hardcore fans and enthusiast alike. Mr. Lookman will be on the lookout for some serious and damning plays against his opponent this season.

Reiss Nelson


Nelson is Arsenal’s quick-paced youth who knows how to turn an errant ball into a dangerous counter-attack. He’s been said to be one of the most gifted players on the field and if Nelson is interested in living up to this, he will definitely have the opportunity to do so.

Curtis Jones


Curtis Jones will be making his appearance in Liverpool and he will prove a useful asset. Especially when he has already had some experience playing the favourites from Manchester United. Mr. Jones is said to be a big boon for Manchester United and it’s hard to imagine the team going too far without his composed and yet explosive play when the time is right.

Callum Hudson-Odoi


Speak about youngsters and at the age of 17 Hudson-Odoi stands to continue his promising play from the pre-season. Odoi’s prowess at the field has had even Alvaro Morata gasp and say that he had never seen a player of the stature of the youngster.

Not least of all, Hudson-Odoi is a diligent footballer who works hard, but also avoids the reckless lifestyle that fame sometimes bring onto youngsters

Nathan Holland


Holland is known for his game with the ball. He’s immensely capable of overcoming in a manner that is his opponents singlehandedly without looking for assistance from his team. Of course, this invites complacency, but it’s not always a dangerous thing come to think of it. Holland is composed, humble and enthusiastic about his game. Getting the better of an opponent is not a way to show off for him. It’s simply what he does, for love of the game.

Diogo Dalot


A talented defender, we all want to see more of those chaps. The defender position has been highlighted as significantly important during 2018 World Cup, and the likes of Dalot may usher in a new generation of capable players.

Oliver Skipp


Oliver Skipp may be just 17 years old, but he’s already made a name for himself in Tottenham. The player promises to make it even bigger in the EPL this season with people commending his courage.

Of course, Mr. Skipp has more than mere courage to his game. Prowess, accomplished track record and a long, long career of future successes is well ahead of him.

Nya Kirby


Kirby is a shiny knight in his adolescent armor. But that’s not us trying to put him down! Quite on the contrary! He promises to be one of the superstars. Already 18, he’s definitely going to be turning some heads during the tournament. EPL will be his chance to shine and prove himself.

Michael Obafemi

Hold on your breath for Michael Obafemi who is the star of the Republic of Ireland. He’s playing with English teams but he’s the bane on anyone who gets in his way. Mr. Obafemi will be on our own radar of players to watch for!

We will come with more detailed info on individual players as soon as we see everyone in action!