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Brazil Names 23-man Squad for World Cup 2018

Brazil has just named its 23-man squad for the World Cup 2018 tournament.

Brazil Names 23-man Squad for World Cup 2018

Brazil has just named its 23-man squad for the World Cup 2018 tournament. The tournament will start on 14 July in Russia.. We have already touched upon the team’s blessings and strong chances of bringing home its sixth trophy here. However, with the emergence of the final roster, we can finally flesh out a more reliable strategy.

Many suspects that Brazil will ultimately face off Germany and seek a settlement of the drubbing that the country had suffered four years ago on home turf. But whether Germany will face one of the world’s most accomplished national teams is another matter altogether. Nevertheless, experts in Germany are preparing against facing off both Spain and Brazil as part of the team’s transition throughout the group stages.

We take a look at Brazil’s official roster and try to predict what fortune it may bring the country in future.


Salecao– An Unstoppable Power of 23 Footballers

Brazil’s manager Tite has named the 23 footballers who will try to bring Brazil to a final at a World Cup event and notch up the sixth title in the squad’s history. The names have quickly started to pour in! In addition, Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Fred will now play for Brazil.

He will also be bringing onboard his teammate from Ukraine, the 30-year-old striker Taison.

More names have been floated. Atletico Madrid’s Felipe Luis will also be joining the team to cover for Real Madrid’s Marcelo. This may very much have left Alex Sandro, a notable back player out of the equation.

Danilo is also joining the fray alongside Fagner of Corinthians as the right-back option for the country. This has been necessary because of  the latest developments. Dani Alves has had to withdraw from the team following an injury to his knee which has impaired him to pursue his career further.

Brazil’s Squad at a Glance

Alisson, Ederson, Cassio; Danilo, Fagner, Thiago Silva, Miranda, Marquinhos, Pedro Geromel, Marcelo, Filipe Luis;  Casemiro, Paulinho, Fernandinho, Renato Augusto, Coutinho, Fred, Willian; Neymar, Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Jesus, Douglas Costa, Taison.

The roster of the country is sporting is well-balanced. The big surprise, as we have already outlined them, were the inclusion of Danilo and Fagner. Neymar has also been named in the team, meaning that Salecao’s star will be able to recover from a knee injury in time to play again.

Regarding the recovery of Neymar, Brazil doctor Rodrigo Lasmar had this to say for the Washington Post:

This is the final stage of his recovery, he will be able to go to training sessions soon and will play the friendlies.

Coach Tite confirmed that as one of the top players in the world, Neymar is an indispensable part of the squad:

We will be much stronger with Neymar doing well, but for him to do well the rest of the team has to be well, too.

Why the Current Set-Up with Brazil?

Analyzing the current set-up could seem like a tall order, and to an extent – it is. However, there are very good choices behind the latest decisions by Tite. The coach estimates that Coutinho can play in the middle and in the flanks, as he is versatile.

Other footballers have been chosen for their complementary style of play. Most importantly, they are capable to work as a team and not allow personal skill and desire to demonstrate their abilities individually to take the better of them.

A well-balanced team means only one thing – that Brazil wants to seek a settling of the scores after surviving the inexorable hammering by Germany four years ago. Brazil is already enthusiastic about starting up against Switzerland.

The game will kick off on 17 June and then the country will fight off Costa Rica and Serbia in Group E, if successful.

Lurking Dangerous for Brazil

More concerns need addressing when it comes to Brazil’s upcoming performance at the tournament. Nobody knows for sure whether the team would not falter faced with its old enemies from Germany. The defeat at home was so uncanny that it is likely to have left a significant imprint on fans and footballers.

Even then, Brazil and Tite seem to have their minds set on a swift and deserved revenge wherein they best Germany and bring the cup home. A drubbing of the magnitude Germany achieved over Brazil would be very much improbable. Brazil can definitely set the score right by taking the trophy back with it.