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Big Football Teams in EPL and Their Losses

It has long been the question of analysts – what makes team lose? Why have there been so many big teams struggling of late.

Big Football Teams in EPL and Their Losses

It has long been the question of analysts – what makes team lose? Why have there been so many big teams struggling of late. It’s definitely a matter that’s well worth looking, too, and at Big World Sports we do have our theories.

So Why Do Big Names Lose?

It’s not always easy to be on the top. To be honest, it’s rather challenging, do what you may. So, in order to stay thee, most people rely on steady cash flow. Money allow teams  to freshen up their selection, introduce new players and ultimately chase the goals they have set for themselves more easily.

Of course, there’s always a bit of a bucket list first. Ding proper research, for example, to make sue that the players you end up picking are truly going to contribute to your game rather than giving you a very expensive transfer that doesn’t really benefit your team.

Making sure that players are OK with the choice management makes is important. With three or four strikers on the field, it would be a bit ham-fisted if a team is trying to make this work. Why? Because it simply doesn’t work. Egos clash. And when they do, the teamplay suffers. The point of narrowing down you choices is helpful as it allows the whole squad to focus on one or two players.

Of course, not putting sufficient footballers of ay type at a certain position is equally damaging.

Manage Your Resources Well

We can look in at least two examples when the management of a team’s resources has gone bad. Take, for example, the choices Mourinho, Manchester Unite FC’s manage took in the pre-season leading up to the English Premier League. Mourinho clearly refused to accept any new footballers, making a rather bizarre statement.

@I am confident in my footballers. We don’t need everyone.” Quoting from memory is a it pesky, indeed. In ay event, Mourinho expressed the fact that he wouldn’t need to add players to prove that Manchester United are truly decent team.

While true, refusing to invest in fresh players who could potentially benefit your team and relieve more worn players is a mistake. Of course, this coming from your correspondent who’s got a handful of game outcomes wrong is not very authoritative.

And Mr Mourinho has a point that he’s one of the best in the EPL, although the comparison between his own trophy count and that of all other managers put together was not necessarily gentlemanly.

Mourinho is known for his temper, but he’s also known for his fairness and honesty. The latest predicament, though, would hate him try to gloss over the issue and mess that he made himself.

Another mismanagement of resources, you may argue, is what Arsenal have been doing. Even though they almost broke the records n how much they can spend on pre-season transfers, the team has been still struggling to make its mark. And under the new coach, things haven’t been much better, to be perfectly fair.

Here are two reasons we at Big World Sports think ultimately fail teams:

  • Relying too much on what you already and failing to adapt;
  • Trying to make financial advantage work in your favour without looking at the players individually and trying to determine how they will work together

And yet, while the principle seems to be quite easy to perceive, execution has been a major problem by he looks of it. Making sure that you are on the top often requires the same non-apologetic attitude Mr. Mourinho has demonstrated.

Then again, it always needs to be padded with results and achievements. A failure to do any of this will indeed turn into a sour affair before long. If we have learnt anything spectating football all these years, it is that the game’s becoming entrenched.

If a leader end up losing their grasp, they will most certainly have a difficult time finding their way back to the top. And when they eventually do start their climb, there will be new and well-oiled powerhouses waiting to send them back the way the struggling top-names have come from.

The road to glory is treacherous and it’s easy to slip and lose your grip. Sooner or later everyone does. The question is – how do you get back?