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Best Players in 2018 World Cup

You have certainly head about the upcoming 2018 World Cup.

Best Players in 2018 World Cup

You have certainly head about the upcoming 2018 World Cup. Well, we have been causing a sufficient raucuous around it in the hopes of clueing you up with what truly matters. But apart from listing the main groups, teams, stadiums, and sweet places to stay, we want to focus on something else. Let’s focus on the best players. Sure, we have Neymar and Messi, and Ronaldo. But there are others.

Players you knew little about. They are here, they will be playing at the 2018 World Cup and you will want to know about him. Here’s our list of the best players you didn’t know about!

Hakim Ziyech (Morocco)

Ziyech has not been Netherland’s favored, even though he represented the team. He later on moved to say that he will play for Morocco making quite a few people unhappy in the process. He has won the Player of the Year award in the Eredivisie, and has helped score 15 goals with Ajax.

Sadar Azmoun (Iran)

Sadar is quite unknown, even though he’s 23 years old. He’s been playing with some of the Russian teams in his professional career. He’s a versatile and capable player who you will surely admire yourself.

Cristian Pavon (Argentina)

Pavon is a rather more familiar name. He’s one of the most prominent names in the competitions even though nobody really talks about him. He’s an amazing attacker who can quickly turn a mid-ball into a score. If you want to have a full list of the best players, Pavon should definitely be on it.

Hwang Hee-chan (South Korea)

South Korea may seem like a country that doesn’t have much chance in the competition, but with people such as Hee-chan on the team, progressing to the next stage of the competition would not be so difficult! He has played at Red Bull Salzburg, assisting the team in its push for the Europea League semi-finals. How considerate!

Leander Dendoncker (Belgium)

With an amusing name, Dendoncker is one of the players to be watching out for during this competition. He participated in a number of league matches and he has been rumoured to join West Ham.

Luis Tejada (Panama)

Panama has its 36-year-old goldmaker to the fore. With 43 goals in 105 appearances, Tejada is one of the most noteworthy players who will be participating in Russia. He has been part of many clubs in his career and while one of the older players to join the football fray at the upcoming 2018 World Cup, he is still slated to make quite the splash. Tejada is indeed one of the best players who will be joining the upcoming tournament.

Karol Linetty (Poland)

With a name like his, Linetty has already had 67 appearances with Sampdoria, an Italian FC. He has been playing in the midfield position his entire career and he will be making a difference for Poland’s midplay.

Trezeguet (Egypt)

Trezeguet is not his real name, naturally. He’s Mahmoud Hassan and he’s primed to tip the scales in favor of his country. He will be eager to advance his country’s lot in the 2018 World Cup competition. Previously, Trezeguet played in France, as his nickname may clearly indicate.

Marco Urena (Costa Rica)

If you think Costa Rica hasn’t got surprises, you are dead wrong. Marco Urena is one of the most prominent competitors in this upcoming competition. Urena has played with Los Angeles FC (his current team) and he will also be at the helm of Costa Rica’s offense in Russia.

Tin Jedvaj (Croatia)

Tin is one of the most promising Croatian footballers. He’s slated to become a country’s superstar and he will be one of the most potent weapons in the kit of Croatia. Croatia has previously reached the later stages of World Cup competitions. With the addition of Tin Jedvaj, it’s quite possible for the team to make a big splash.

Nicolai Jorgensen (Denmark)

Nicolai Jorgensen is a bright star in the Scandinavian football firmament. He promises to advance the fortunes of his native country and has already established himself as an authority on attacks and goals. We can expect big plays from Jorgensen and it will be quite amusing spectating him on the pitch!

Alfred Finnbogason (Iceland)

Finnbogason is one of the most prominent figures in the Ireland’s team. He is 29 years old and he has already scored 12 goals in 22 games for Augsburg, his latest team.

Oghenekaro Etebo (Nigeria)

Lastly, we have Oghenekaro Etebo from Nigeria. He’s a versatile strike and one of the country’s top-rated players. You will definitely want to watch him perform as he has already participated in multiple European leagues and proved his football worth.