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Belgium vs England – Belgium Takes the Bronze

The first half of the semi-finals just played out.

Belgium vs England – Belgium Takes the Bronze

The first half of the semi-finals just played out. Belgium scored and we are about to witness the second half. Now, I will have to admit – I really expected Belgium to win, but after a drawn-out fight. It seems like the country is winning rather quickly right now, and that doesn’t surprise anyone it seems. For better or for worse, though, England will be fighting until the very last. And to be honest – I do think they have a fair chance of making a difference

Part I: Belgium vs England

And so, Belgium managed to apply quite a bit of pressure on its opponent. If you check out the first video right now, you will quickly notice that Belgium was the dominant team. They managed to score very quickly and they are applying pressure even now.

However, England seems like they are coming back, and to be perfectly honest with you – we are rather inclined to believe them. The Englishmen are not yet out and the second half will hopefully bring us a more contested match.

If the Nationals fail to bring home at least the third title, that will mean that we were right all along that Belgium is near-future world champions. Even then, the smugness is not enough to make up for all the starting.

We don’t want to lose in Belgium. Not in the slightest.

Belgium – What Makes Them So Good?

To be perfectly honest at this moment. I am not myself sure why Belgium seem to be rolling over our national team. Some may say that’s a matter of inherent weakness in the defence England has been showing. Some may be right.

The whole squad seems to be a bit of bind. Even though we managed to restore some of the control over the ball it just seems like Belgium are willingly giving us play with it for a while. There is little evidence to suggest that England is managing the ball on its own.

Part Ii – Belgium Steps It All Up!


For what’s worth, Belgium managed 2:0 against England. The result was utterly disappoint for the United Kingdom who couldn’t rally themselves and make a difference. Alas, we had hoped that they would, but at least on this occasion, what we discussed here at Big World Sports tuned out to be true.

The surge of England was mostly, we will argue, a combination of beneficial factors which heavily favoured the country in the end. England had to dispose of much weaker teams than Belgium and some complacency may have been invited.

We can’t say that England plays well nor that these semifinals were exciting to watch for anyone but the supporters of Belgium and England, even though we can appreciate the game.

Watching the post-game interactions between the players, we ought to admit though that both squads have behaved themselves with due decorum and our admirations are extended.

Still, let’s face it – the semi-finals are not what teams are hoping to play in and it’s a poor succour to be in one when you have had the grand finals stolen under your very nose. England deserved to win insofar they haven’t in a long, long while, and their footballer tended to be composed and committed.

However, Belgium won on merit alone and that’s all that matters in the end. If you are excited about the game tomorrow, you should be. Some experts forecast that the game will be a repeat of today’s clash.

France is definitely a leader and it will be difficult to counter it, but we don’t expect Croatia to be on the defensive either. In fact, the chaps from the Western Balkan country may be quite prepared to put up a great fight.

In the hours after between the two games, there’s a lot of speculation to do. However, nothing can be known for sure. What we can say for sure is that both France and Croatia will most likely be able to score against their opponents which will add an extra layer of excitement to the game as a whole.

However, the real test of the mettle will be clinching the title itself. And that will take some work very much indeed.