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Barcelona vs Lyon – UEFA 2019

Lyon will be meeting Barcelona a week from now and fighting it out in UEFA.

Barcelona vs Lyon – UEFA 2019

Lyon will be meeting Barcelona a week from now and fighting it out in UEFA. It’s definitely going to be an exciting game and it will really help to see how the two teams will fare against each other. Who’s going to win though? We have no idea right now.

Lyon vs Barcelona – Where to Watch It?

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If you are looking to watch the game between Lyon and Barcelona, you’ve come to the right place indeed. Now, let’s have look at these two teams and see what their chances of wining the game actually are.

Barcelona – What We Think Is Important


Photo credit: Barcelona FC


Barcelona has been doing a brilliant job in La Liga. This is where we should start. The team has faced some very tough contenders from all over the tournament, though. They have been fighting off Valencia, Real Madrid and Sevilla. In all cases they have either triumphed or achieved a draw.

Their path in UEFA has been very similar. The team has either overcome their opponents or finished with the same score. They did lose to Levante and Sevilla once in January, but that’s not too upsetting given their overall score.

Of course, there have been quite a few challenges for the entire team, but this is nothing too disconcerting. All in all, the team has done a great job of keeping their end of the bargain. We’re quite excited to see them succeed actually and we’d love to see them overcome their new opponents.

But can they? Lyon are a really tough nut to crack. Let’s have a closer look and try to decide.

Lyon The Tough Frenchmen

Photo Credit: Lyon

Lyon are definitely a team that not anyone can overcome. They are second in Group F, led by Manchester City. The team has proven exceptionally resilient. They managed to pull off a victory against Manchester City and draw against the team.

Those were some games to behold indeed. The first time we saw Lyon launch itself in battle against Manchester City was on 19.09.18, with the team fighting to the end and scoring a 2nd point to secure victory over the English champs.

Then, the pair met again not so long ago on 27.11 with the team fetching a draw with Man City. They also negotiated 3 other draws in the group and only managed to defeat Man City. Given their current standing, they are presently second, with Man City managing to rake victories against the other two teams in Group F.

Meanwhile, Barcelona is also first in its own group. It has 0 defeats in UEFA, which is quite indicatory of their shape. Or it perhaps goes to show that the teams it plays against haven’t quite figured a way to defeat the team.

In any event, Barcelona is a very strong team that will not go down without a fight and we are sure that Lyon are completely cognizant of the fact.

Should You Place Wagers on Any of the Games?


We are never too comfortable advising you to place wagers. We definitely love the methodical way of play of both teams. Lyon clearly know how to hold their end when it comes to defenses. Barcelona apparently do as well, as they have 0 defeats.

Question is, can Lyon’s defenses stop Barcelona in their track. Then again, can Barcelona lose sight of their opponents from Lyon and allowing them to score? It’s very difficult to tell at this point of football.

UEFA’s Champions League has always been quite the exciting place to watch fast-paced, top-notch football and we’re really appreciative of seeing how events would play out. Come what may, we’re quite certain that Lyon are quite the respectable team who will do their best to pull off the best results.