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Atletic Madrid faces Rayo in LaLiga

Atletico Madrid will be facing Rayo later this week and it all seems very, very promising indeed.

Atletic Madrid faces Rayo in LaLiga

Atletico Madrid will be facing Rayo later this week and it all seems very, very promising indeed. We’re quite thrilled about the prospect of witnessing the game ourselves. With this in mind, it would most certainly be worth looking into the details of the match.

Where to Watch Rayo vs Atletico Madrid?

Our website should be your starting point if you are watching games in La Liga. We have you covered. By simply navigating the main navigation menu and dropping directly at the competition you are interested in.

Each section on our website will eventually lead you to the live stream services. This offers you a great chance to always watch the teams and games that you love in real time. With the game coming up on February 16, you can rely on us to cover it in real time.

Atletico Madrid – What a Team!

Photo Credit: Atletico Madrid

Atletico are currently 3rd in La Liga and this means that they are quite capable of upsetting progress for others. Now, it’s definitely worth noting that Atletico have only 3 losses in La Liga this season.

This goes to show that the team has been well-prepared to come out of difficult matches and in the very least achieve draws. It’s an important quality in a team. Compare them to Real Madrid, and you will see that Real’s aggressiveness and more cocky play has landed them 6 total losses.

Now, this is not to say that Real Madrid’s way of playing is wrong. Quite to the contrary, we think. There are many ways to be a good team – Real Madrid have chosen to attack. Meanwhile, Atletico Madid has pulled out of a tight spot.

It’s been quite fun to watch Atletico face off one opponent after another only to see said opponent crash into Atletico and wonder why they haven’t been able to penetrate their defenses.

Well many analysts wonder the same. The truth is, Atletico are just tough to crack. Won’t they play quite a bit more offensively against Rayo, though?

Rayo – You Have Work to Do, Boys

Photo: Atletico Madrid

Rayo is probably a little confusing about their chances of winning at this point. Think of them as the English Fulham. The team is currently at the bottom of the overall standing. Not that this should discourage them in the slightest.

To be quite honest, the team has done very well. Out of their last 6 matches, 4 are victories with 2 close defeats to Leganes and Espanyol each. The victories were well earned by their opponents, but they are definitely not final either. Put this way – Rayo is brimming with potential, only this season of the La Liga hasn’t proved too beneficial for the team at all.

This will hopefully change next season. In the meanwhile, there’s absolutely no reason why Rayo shouldn’t try to pull off a victory against such an accomplished team as their present rivals from Atletico. No, it’s not going to be easy, this much we can tell you for sure, but Rayo can start building their next season play as soon as February 16.

Betting on Rayo vs Atletico?


This match is decidedly too one-sided to offer any value to anyone backing Atletico Madrid. If you do decide to see if Rayo will win, you will be better-poised to fetch some significant profit. It’s not very likely, but it’s still a possibility and you will certainly rake in some solid cash if you do push ahead with this bet.

Overall Look at La Liga


With only 2 losses in the league so far, Barcelona are firmly embedded on top of the competition and it’s very unlikely to see them go anywhere. The team has definitely managed to pull themselves together and it’s a real pleasure to see them excel and succeed all across the league.

Meanwhile, Atletico have some catching up to do, but they have also only lost 3 games, which is truly admirable. Then, there’s Real Madrid whose aggressive style hasn’t tossed them out of the top spots but it’s certainly been seen as too adventurous by some. In any event, La Liga is an interesting challenge and quite the game to behold.

We’ll be looking forward to the game between Atletico and Rayo this week. Remember, you can always tune in right on our website and watch live.