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Arsenal vs West Ham – 3-1 for The Gunners!

The game between Arsenal and West Ham was one that left many people perplexed.

Arsenal vs West Ham – 3-1 for The Gunners!

The game between Arsenal and West Ham was one that left many people perplexed. How come Arsenal has come so down on its luck. Nobody really expected events such as these, but The Gunners showed that they have a lot of talent, but still need to work it. We take a gander at this much anticipated game.

Arsenal and West Ham at a Glance

First things, first. Let’s borrow a quick profile of Matteo Guendouzi who’s coming from Paris Saint-Germain to join The Gunners. The youthful athlete seems to be getting well with his new coach and things seem even better on the field. Even then, the team has been struggling seriously.

Here’s what we know about Guendouzi, though:

PSG, no doubt regretting the decision to let him go, were reportedly among the big clubs interested in signing Guendouzi this summer. Emery had become aware of his talents during his time in charge of the French champions, and Borussia Dortmund were also keen. But Guendouzi had grown up watching Arsenal games with his father (“Arsenal have always been the team closest to my heart,” he said) and was set on a move to the Premier League.

GOAL: And as we flip through the details, it’s the 25” of the game and Arsenal concede a goal. Things definitely aren’t looking good for the Emirates now. Why are West Ham ahead in the match? Arsenal’s fans are shocked and they are looking for someone responsible. The new coach is definitely easy to blame. Petr Cech, meanwhile, did try to catch the volley that soared past his hand and into the net silencing The Emirates.

GOAL: 5” later, Arsenal are back on their feet. The crowd goes quite mad and the cheers can be heard for miles around the stadium. It’s the 30” and Arsenal have done an excellent job indeed! The magic is worked by Henrikh Mkhitaryan who doesn’t disappoint and pierces the defence of West Hammers.

The rest, as they say is history. Only this history book is still being written.

Aubameyang is back to it and he’s pressing the attack at West Ham. Diop realises that Aubameyang will not be stopped and a foul is necessary to bring the advancing footballer, just outside the penalty field. It’s a most fortunate event for West Ham that they don’t end up with another goal in their net. And Diop himself walks away with a yellow card…

A Turn of Events

GOAL: The game beats on. Arnautovic is West Ham’s playmaker now. Arsenal are caught again with a number of long passes to Arnautovic allowing him to launch a strong attack on the team.

Definitely, Arsenal have a lot of trouble to patch in their own goal! Their defences are giving up and the fact that West Ham couldn’t punish them for that doesn’t mean a team such as Liverpool or Chelsea, or Man City wouldn’t.

A lot of work has to be done in the mid field and defences. And what happens next won’t help the team much. They score. A second goal now, with the ball entering West Ham’s own net by none other but Diop who confusedly tries to play up against Aubameyang.

Now that Arsenal have the lead again it’s understandable what happens. Arsenal are in for the kill. They are launching multiple attacks, trying to get everyone caught out of place. West Ham are shocked as the oncoming waves of trouble keeps piling on. Nothing is lost yet, but Arsenal’s fans are completely beyond themselves with the whole stadium chanting and cheering The Gunners who are visibly pressing the attack.

And the game truly beats on! There’s no stopping The Gunners, who are just as eager to press the attack and make a name for themselves. Meanwhile a lot of red cards are being handed out across other less-pronounced teams. Bournemouth, Everton, Southampton are all playing now and the tally is rather shocking with the bulk of all these teams getting one red card each.

GOAL: A third goal this way comes and it’s courtesy of Danny Welbeck in the 90+2”. Arsenal have managed an outstanding victory indeed, but West Ham were never the favorite. With this in mind, Arsenal still needs to patch up its defending lines or it will suffer an unpleasant fate.