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Arsenal Meets West Ham in EPL Today

It’s not easy to comment on this match.

Arsenal Meets West Ham in EPL Today

It’s not easy to comment on this match. After all Arsenal and West Ham are not doing well, but we do have our opinion about the upcoming game. Let’s just focus on the facts first and then dive into our speculation-game. Who will win – Arsenal or West Ham?

Arsenal or West Ham – One Has to Go

It’s a tough call. Both teams have been dismantled by the opponents they ended up playing against. West Ham lost rather embarrassingly but all-too-expectedly from Liverpool with 4-0. Meanwhile, Arsenal, which has been undergoing a change in leadership is having a mighty difficult time.

Let’s look at what we have been able to see so far. Arsenal’s game has flagged beyond-recognition. The football club’s fans are downright livid with the new manager who has been trying to keep straight face, but he is also cognizant of the pressure that is building upon his shoulders. And yet, many people see a chance for Arsenal to truly shine against West Ham.

West Ham, on the other hand, are no random team. True, they managed to lose two games so far, but this is hardly a problem. While morale may be sinking, there is still plenty of reasons to be optimistic too. West Ham can defeat Arsenal and there is no doubt about this in the slightest. However, the question remains whether it will. If it does, it will give itself a major boost in confidence. If Arsenal loses it will end up in complete shambles.

To be honest, though, we truly expect Arsenal to establish its dominance in this game. On the one hand… this won’t be a particularly commendable achievement, but on the other it would be a step in the right direction.

Besides, goals are just… the result of how well the team plays. If Arsenal still struggle to keep their defences up or if the team is lacking in its offense, it will show and fans and critics will be there to see. But imagine a complete routing of the opponents now. This would really reassure Arsenal in their abilities. However, how likely is it to defeat West Ham as has Liverpool? Not much, but the possibility exists, yes. Let’s look at the detail of the game:

Saturday 3pm

Venue Emirates Stadium

Last season Arsenal 4 West Ham 1

Referee Graham Scott

This season G1 Y1 R0 1 cards/game

Odds H 1-3 A 8-1 D 9-2


Subs from Leno, Iliev, Holding, Willock, Nelson, Ramsey, Welbeck, Lichtsteiner, Xhaka, Elneny, Lacazette, Mavropanos

Doubtful None

Injured Jenkinson (ankle), Kolasinac (knee), Maitland-Niles (leg, all Oct), Koscielny (achilles, Nov)

Suspended None

Discipline Y4 R0

Form LL

Leading scorers Iwobi, Mkhitaryan 1


Subs from Adrián, Trott, Diop, Masuaku, Fredericks, Byram, Cullen, Rice, Sánchez, Noble, Antonio, Pérez, Holland, Hernández

Doubtful Noble (back)

Injured Caroll (ankle, Nov), Lanzini (knee, unknown), Reid (knee, unknown)

Suspended None

Discipline Y8 R0

Form LL

Leading scorer Arnautovic 1

Taking a Last Honest Look

Whatever your expectations of the match, it helps to know that both teams will be fighting to the very last minute. Saturday will see so many other teams try as well, but Arsenal vs West Ham will indeed be the highlight. We will also keep an eye on what is happening with the game between Wolves and Man City.

Arsenal and West Ham both have what to win and a lot to lose if they don’t manage to keep their end of the game well. However, the EPL has known great teams lose before, even if Manchester City and Liverpool are somewhat of unshakeable leaders.

Meanwhile, Big World Sports has been arguing about the need for a change in the EPL and making the games more balanced. Of course, there are drawbacks to this suggestion, as it would be rather difficult to control how teams buy footballers.

And besides, nobody really wants to see interest in the TV spectacle that the competition is flag, which will result into the loss of millions through broadcasting. So, when changing the format, the EPL is not really interested in balance so much as it’s interested in keeping its viewers entertained.

Today, Arsenal and West Ham have a much tougher task then keeping their fans happy. It’s a matter of survival.