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Arsenal Faces Off the Wolves

Arsenal will be facing off with the Wolves.

Arsenal Faces Off the Wolves

Arsenal will be facing off with the Wolves. It will be a highly-contested match and we are not yet quite sure who stands to win. The Wolves have been showing some strong plays, but Arsenal are back in top form.

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Arsenal – Will the Gunners Win?

It’s hard to say. Arsenal finished tied with Liverpool which was an amazing feat in itself. It showed that the Gunners are not going to give up against even the best teams out there. The slow start of the season is now behind them, and there’s no stopping them.

Crystal Palace have also been doing quite well and they managed to throw quite the show with the team facing off Arsenal in a 2-2 tied game. The question is whether the Wolves are up to quite the challenge themselves, because it would definitely be quite difficult to dispose of the team as easily as some may like.

Wolves are the ones who will have to fix their game if they want to stand a chance. Problems with the defense and offense may persist to the point where it’s difficult to justice anything thereafter. I.e. no number of excuses will help Wolves restore their morale if they suffer a drubbing from Arsenal.

With this in mind, you will definitely be looking forward towards a game that is balanced, but this balance would require patience and determination right off the go.

There are many ways the game could turn out. We don’t rule out the possibility of the Wolves fighting back Arsenal, dealing them a devasting blow, but the odds of this actually happening are pretty slim, so there is always that.

The Bookmakers’ Choice

The bookmakers will naturally support Arsenal. The Wolves, though, have quite the chance to make a difference here and they will most likely try to pursue this chance. However, they must be prepared for a bitter disappointment indeed. The Wolves are a dangerous squad, not only because of their name.

There are genuine challenges that may prove too much for even a team such as Arsenal to stomach. Great offensive capabilities put the Wolves at the forefront of the league, even if they are out of the leading 11. This doesn’t mean Arsenal should drop their guard. Not now, not ever. Not against the Wolves.