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Arsenal Defeats Waterford: 2-0

The game between Arsenal and Waterford turned quite a few heads.

Arsenal Defeats Waterford: 2-0

The game between Arsenal and Waterford turned quite a few heads. Arsenal had been improving their game and showing that they can be the team everyone knows them to be. And yet, these past few weeks have been challenging and The Gunners had rough games.

Rough as those games might have been, though, they weren’t so difficult as to completely put Arsenal out of their stroke. With a few quick victories, the team is back at the top of the League, even though he’s still far from Liverpool and Manchester City.

For something to change on this count, though, we will have to see someone stand up to Liverpool as well as Arsenal maintain their excellent gaming record. The seeds of this future excellence we saw in the game against Waterford.

Waterford and Arsenal – Top Notch

Arsenal proved themselves to be quite composed in their forays against Waterford. Even though the game clearly started with Wateford’s dominance, it quickly evened out with both team controlling the ball in equal measures. Be that as it may, Arsenal had a lot to offer and the mid-fielders quickly restored the balance, making sure that Waterford’s attacks won’t go unchallenged.

With quite a bit of skill and commitment, Arsenal quickly showed that it’s in this game to fight. And the match quickened its pace beyond anything that we have seen until this moment in the EPL. The game happened at a meteoric pace, with Waterford struggling to keep up. By the halftime, tiredness was visible on the faces of their footballers and there was little left to do but try and keep their end.

But tiredness was visible and it was bound to show, as it did. In the 81st minute, Cathcart did open the score, to the general disappointment of Waterford. Alright, everyone though, it’s okay to omit a single point against Arsenal, regrettable as that event was in itself.

However, Arsenal had something completely different in mind when Ozil scored yet another time in the 83rd minute, setting the final score.

The Implications of a Victory So Desired

Arsenal’s victory means quite a lot. It’s a proof that the team has managed to find their feet and will now be making a more serious challenge for the title. When the EPL started, Arsenal had at least two games that put the team in a very difficult position. Much like Manchester United in fact, but unlike Mourinho, Arsenal’s new coach took notice.

Yes, unlike Mourinho, he hasn’t a multitude of EPL titles to sport and be boastful about, but even then striking fear in your footballers instead of working with them on a solution is not the wisest thing to do. With this in mind, Arsenal had to correct their game and they did.

The teams that they are yet to face include Manchester City and Liverpool. There’s a vary palpable feeling that you cannot really feel calm if you are an Arsenal fan right now. The immensity of the upcoming challenge is enough to scare even Arsenal themselves. However, they intend to keep a brave face on, which will allow them to face some of the toughest opponents in the league without faltering their pace.

The Road Ahead Is a Look Into the Past

Arsenal clearly have the qualities to be at the top of the league. They have performed well, time and again, proving that even the darkest hour can be dispersed with just a glimmer of hope and a whole lot of hard work. Be that as it may, the test Arsenal has to pass is just commencing. Will The Gunners hold the fort?