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Arsenal Defeats Cardiff City in a Hard Won Game

Props to Arsenal for defeating Cardiff City on Sunday during their EPL match.

Arsenal Defeats Cardiff City in a Hard Won Game

Props to Arsenal for defeating Cardiff City on Sunday during their EPL match. The result really did mean something for the footballers of Arsenal, but victory though it was, it took Arsenal a lot of hard effort to achieve it.

Not the Expected Victory

Cardiff City are far from the most difficult team to play against and the piling trouble on the part of Arsenal has been definitely a mostly dispiriting experience. With this in mind, we decided to watch and see the game, trying to spot the weaknesses that have been pestering The Gunners for so very long now.

Overall, it all started okay. Arsenal managed to rout West Ham United and tap intо а much needed ego boost. The simple truth here is that Arsenal shouldn’t have left West Ham score a single time. After all, this is officially one of the league’s weakest teams and it’s really rather an affront to concede even a single point to them.

West Ham really have had a rotten time at it, and there’s no two ways about this. In any event, though, the latest game with Cardiff City was again a victory, but it revealed the same old mistakes. Defences gave up on at least two occasions, allowing Cardiff to successfully net two goals.

Arsenal answered with a gameplay that the team has been honing in recent months. Overaggressive play that extended the game in Cardiff’s half of the field. It was rewarded with three (3) scores in the opponents’ goal.

Apparently, Arsenal have what it takes to be an aggressive and successful in offense, but while they allow unmatched teams to score so many goals, they will never make it at the highest order of play.

Sunday 1.30pm Sky Sports Premier League

Venue Cardiff City Stadium

Last season n/a

Referee Anthony Taylor

This season G3 Y9 R0 3 cards/game

Odds H 9-2 A 4-7 D 3-1


Subs from Smithies, B Murphy, Ward, Peltier, Paterson, Reid, Cunningham, Madine, Richards, Connolly, Damour, Harris, Coxe, Brown

Doubtful Hoilett (groin)

Injured Gunnarsson (knee, 15 Sept), Mendez-Laing (knee, December)

Suspended None

Discipline Y4 R0

Form LDD

Leading scorer n/a


Subs from Leno, Lichtsteiner, Holding, Mavropanos, Elneny, Ramsey, Welbeck, Lacazette

Doubtful None

Injured Kolasinac (knee, 15 Sep), Jenkinson (ankle, Nov), Koscileny (achilles, Dec), Maitland-Niles (leg, Dec)

Suspended None

Discipline Y5 R0

Form LLW

Leading scorers Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Monreal, Welbeck 1

Changes Need to Be Done

It’s hard to say what needs to be done precisely to make sure that things are going to be okay with Arsenal. Some say that caution is mandatory. Others advise that Arsenal should really adopt a more defensive style of play and throw more bodies in. And yet, Arsenal also needs to win points.

Outgunning the opponents has seem to be a working strategy even if it had come at the expense of its own goal on some occasions. The strategy has paid off so far, but can it be reiterated further down the road?

Will Chelsea allow to be caught unawares so many times by an over-aggressive Arsenal for example while failing to punish overplay on the part of the Gunners? This seems far from likely, and that’s precisely what the team needs to address.

Yes, these temporary successes are indeed much of what it’s needed, but they are hardly a remedy for the whole situation right now.

In order to turn the team’s fortunes around, we will have to witness a deep shake up of what Arsenal’s game so far has been like. This may include many and various big plays and an ability to analyse one’s own mistakes to the point where said mistakes are no longer a lurking danger on the competitive future of the team.

Here’s the thing. Can Arsenal look deeper and past their temporary successes as a team. It most certainly doesn’t show, but the truth is they must be. Otherwise, they will crumble down to the dregs of the EPL and there will be no-one to blame but the management.

If such a scenario does take place, Arsenal may not have a fighting chance until the very next season of the EPL. And this is a grim idea to entertain. Arsenal fan or otherwise.