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Alonso Caught in Trouble with Spanish Tax Man

Messing with the Spanish tax authorities is no joke.

Alonso Caught in Trouble with Spanish Tax Man

Messing with the Spanish tax authorities is no joke. They are very particular about people skipping their payments and jail sentences are not fun. And so, the Spanish tax authorities are very, very stern when it comes to asking everyone to pay their due. Shakira has become a person of interest over unpaid taxes.

Alonso Joins the Footballers in Trouble with the Spanish Tax Man


And so are Messi and now – Xabi Alonso. Neymar also got into hot water with the Spanish tax man ad Messi was handed a sentence. None have so far served a day of their jail sentences of course, as the courts – while meting out solid punishments, are always willing to let this one slide as long as the guilty parties agree to pay.

Back to Xabi Alonso, though, the footballer is facing five years in prison as he was found out to intentionally fudge the numbers on his tax return. Xabi Alonso refused to settle his taxes with the Spanish government and he will now fight this in court.

The former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich midfielder is playing with forces that are potentially beyond his ken. Spanish courts are known to come down hard on anyone who is suspected of hiding taxes. Even Cristiano Ronaldo had to negotiate with the Spanish state to get out of very serious trouble.

Of course, nobody wants to imprison the faces of the world’s most popular game, and that’s quite understandable. Still, courts are not trifling with matters such as honoring the full tax bill at the end of the year and Alonso should definitely know that.

What on Earth Is Alonso Doing?


Most likely he’s trying to fight the case on the off chance he will be able to save some money. On the other hand, he just be fairly certain that if things go awry, he can juts ask for Ronaldo-style negotiation with the state.

The drawback here is that Alonso has already been offered to negotiate and he had firmly turned the deal as it was offered to him. There’s very little to suggest that Alonso will get any sort of special treatment this time around.

Dealing with the issues of settling one’s taxes in Spain has been growing. Many footballers used shell companies to hide some of their proceedings, but following a bunch of releases by Wikileaks, many of the top players in the world have come under scrutiny.

A Way Out of the Mess


Call us establishment men (and women), but we feel like Alonso should negotiate and get himself a deal quickly, without admitting guilt, if this is what he desires. It’s true, though, that many footballers have allowed themselves to act against the laws as they didn’t find it “fair” to pay a certain amount of money to the government.

This is understandable. Some footballers even moved out of the country because of that, but the laws are the laws and no amount of apologies and “ifs” and “buts” would change the fact that some of the best players in the world have turned out to be very poor human beings indeed.