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Ajax to Play Real Madrid on Tuesday – UEFA

Real Madrid and Ajax will be meeting up as part of the UEFA competition this Tuesday.

Ajax to Play Real Madrid on Tuesday – UEFA

Real Madrid and Ajax will be meeting up as part of the UEFA competition this Tuesday. The game promises to be quite the spectacle indeed. We’ve seen that Real Madrid have had some difficulties adapting their game of late, but this doesn’t mean that they are to be ignored or lover looked.

Where to Watch the Game Between Ajax and Real Madrid?

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Real Madrid – Can They Win?

Here’s a good question. Real Madrid has a lot of talent. The team has a lot of great footballers, but we do think that personal self-importance has played a rather foul trick on the team’s prospects of winning.

Barcelona recently denied the team the cup in the LaLiga competition, which was a blow to the ego of many in Real Madrid. To be honest, though, Barcelona have always been the better team in our opinion.

Looking at things based on acts, Real Madrid have always made a big noise around themselves – the profile of individual players has been quite blown out of proportion. They are god players, but too ego-centered. Does it mater they are second? Probably quite a bit.

In any event, better-balanced teams seem to perform well against Real Madrid. Real Madrid are still very likely to win and Ajax will definitely be a great opportunity for the team to prove themselves once again.

Ajax – The Hammer That Strikes


Ajax have had a surprisingly strong game against their last 5 teams. They either defeated them or managed to finish drawn. Ajax and Bayern Munich FC ended up with 3 goals each and one red card per team.

Well, emotions can get out of hand and Ajax are definitely a team that can keep up the pace easily. The truth is though that they lost their last game with Real Madrid and that’s reason for some concern in the very least.

And yet, we believe that Ajax can definitely keep their end of the game and manage to strike back when need is. This game against Real Madrid will definitely be an opportunity to prove just that. Facing a tough enemy as Real Madrid can serve as a catalyst for Ajax to truly get into their A game and demonstrate the best possible football, they are capable of.

On Whom to Bet?

The two teams are fairly matched. Betting wise, it would be definitely difficult to call. Given how Ajax has been winning their last games, though, we’d really want to see you get the right bets right. Ajax seem like a very strong pick and we most certainly recommend them.

With this in mind, Ajax will be the most likely winner. When all things are considered, Real Madrid will play very hard for a victory, but it’s up to Ajax to withstand and defeat them. Another great bet to consider is the draw which is also quite possible.

Don’t Forget to Watch the Game

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