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France Meets Croatia in the Finals

Estimated 15,000 Croatian fans are now flocking into Moscow.

France Meets Croatia in the Finals

Estimated 15,000 Croatian fans are now flocking into Moscow. The weather is a breezy summer with temperatures allowing you to enjoy the sun and cooling you down. It’s unclear how many of the 15,000 people present here and waiting to attend the Moscow Arena have coughed up the $2,000 that a single seat costs, but we are pretty sure it’s most likely the majority of them.

That’s some dedication. An equal number of French nationals are now present in Moscow. The mood is festive despite the rivalry between the teams. Football has a transformative power. As if, both teams have conceded that making it thus far is sufficient reason to respect your opponents and it very well is! With this in mind, France and Croatia are facing off during the finals and they both want to win.

Their Chances Indeed

As we have reiterated on multiple occasions, France is the clear favourites in this match. It will be hard to imagine otherwise as the team has shown the makings of a winner. It’s not easy to concede much to Croatia, but the team has the air of a squad that is well-prepared to address any and all issues that may arise.

With this in mind, all fans are in for quite the tournament when it kicks off in several hours. Going through some old footage of the tournament, we can’t say that Croatia nor France, for that matter, had easy opponents, albeit it may be argued with fair certainty that Croatia got somewhat of a weaker draft when they went up against England.

With this in mind, Croatia may be a bit underestimated at this point but the fact of the matter is the team have managed to handle themselves quite well against the opponents who challenged them on multiple occasions.

Nobody thought that they can do it, but the team has distinguished themselves as proper underdogs with high aspirations for a World Cup title. What follows next will be entirely dependent on what and how the team acts next.

With little headway, France may, in fact, find an opponent well worthy of respect and admiration.

The Odds, The Odds

The odds of course place France ahead in this competition, but are they to be trusted? Nobody really can tell. We wouldn’t want to wager anything on the match or if you choose to, it may be safer to select multiple bookies, which will facilitate it all for you.

Make sure to stop by several great bookies today and stake your money accordingly. You can also make use of the in-play feature which will truly help you outshine the competition indeed. Right now, it seems futile to be trying and gauge what the possible outcome will be.

If this is an indication at all, we recommend that you wager on France, although we support Croatia openly. We would want to recommend that you pick at least a few bookies and start comparing the odds. If you are waiting on your future bets to turn out right, we wish you good luck as well!

A Final Thought

Rest assured that this isn’t our final word on the matter. We will bring you the updates right after the results are known. We expect a much-contested game whereby penalty shoot-outs will be reached. However, we wish for a rather more decisive outcome of the match. We believe that penalty shoot-outs have a lot to do with luck and we don’t want all of this to end based on a few lucky goals.

More than that, you can enjoy the football derby tonight by choosing to tune in and watch through our live stream options!