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2018 World Cup quarterfinals – Go Sweden!

It’s been the most astounding of football days.

2018 World Cup quarterfinals – Go Sweden!

It’s been the most astounding of football days. If you think that much-unexpected things have happened on July 6, then you are absolutely right. Every step of the derby has been quite, shall we say, exciting? From what we can tell, Belgium is now one of the strongest contenders for the World Cup. France is quite close, too! The World Cup is now European Cup, as a few chaps have joked recently. The World Cup quarterfinals were amazing indeed.

And it is. For the most part, we’re immensely happy with the fact that Neymar has acted out again and dropped off the stage. It happens when you spend most of your time rolling instead of playing. Nevertheless, the victory of Belgium is well deserved and we stand by this claim.

We only regret the fact that Uruguay did not mage to progress from the World Cup quarterfinals. We definitely thought the team had it in it, and we stand by this suggestion. We would have loved for Uruguay to overcome France, but as it turns out –it’s not as easy a task as it may seem. France has been performing not as determinedly, some have been quick to argue, but do you remember the last game that France actually lost? Precisely. Their newly-established dominance is quite palpable and it’s difficult to deny, come what may.

With this in mind, we cannot say a bad word about the team. They have started early and they have progressed to make sure that they will tackle the majority of teams, and they are now heading for the semi-finals.

Russia and Croatia, Sweden and England

And now, it’s a matter of several hours to determine who the next semi-finalists will be. If you have a personal favourite that will be brilliant. The World Cup quarterfinals may be the last place where you see them this year. But let’s not be naysayers and see what chances every team has.


Russia has had a great run. They have lost to Uruguay, but they’ve managed to overcome Spain, which definitely draws admirations! If you are in doubt about the future of the team, we understand this. Croatia is not an enemy to be trifled with. However, the Russian squad has demonstrated outstanding qualities and it’s often the case that they have managed to do their best in fulfiling the expectations over 300 million people have of them.


Croatia is definitely not mucking about. A team that scores one victory after the other unchallenged means that Russia will have an almost insurmountable opposition facing it. This is truly something that you will not want to be up against if you are a Russian footballer. Croatia will most likely win this leg of the race and it is definitely likely that no repeats will be possible.


Good luck, Harry. England has been struggling to progress, but they have managed every game. With this in mind, the country is now marching towards what appears to be a victory. Nobody is to say though, and we can’t really make any negative predictions about the team. However, we know that the Swedes’ towering defence is a very tough challenge and one that may prove indeed too tricky for you to overcome.

With this in mind, we recommend that you take extra care about the nature of the game and be realistic when you have expectations out of England.


To be perfectly honest, we all root for the Swedes. They seem to be polite, suave, and immensely skilled with the ball. We like their attitude as well as a competitive spirit. It would be awesome to see Sweden make it all the way to the finals. It seems like a thing worth fighting for and we welcome you to try your best by and by.

If you are interested in rooting for a team that is not only skilled in terms of athletic abilities but also shows incredible integrity on the field, we believe that you won’t find any better pick than Sweden. The country’s been preparing for the competition for a fair while now and it’s definitely worth spending a few moments with them.

We wish every participant in the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals good luck indeed, and go Sweden!