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2018 World Cup Opening Ceremony and More

The 2018 World Cup, I have said so many times now, is almost at our doorstep.

2018 World Cup Opening Ceremony and More

The 2018 World Cup, I have said so many times now, is almost at our doorstep. Let’s get a few things straight before we may plunge right into the thick of sports action. The opening ceremony seems to be a point of suitable interest. However, in order to make sure that we are caught up to date with how plans are scheduled, we will now answer a few queries regarding the organisation of the World Cup.

The When, What, and Where of 2018 World Cup

The tournament is slated to begin on 14 June, Thursday with the event launching with an official ceremony at 2 PM BST. The inaugural day will have all FIFA C-level staffers and quite a few of country leaders attending. Following the opening ceremony, Russia will play Saudia Arabia, in the event’s first match.

The logistics of the event will be quite taxing as well. Games will be held on two stadiums throughout Moscow. Local hotels will be filled up to the brink, making it a rather challenging affair to find a host. Another common bugbear may be the registration process foreigners have to undergo.

Apart from that, the opening ceremony promises to be a well-conducted event, which will set the tone for the rest of the competition.

An Opening Ceremony Worth Attending

The opening ceremony will take place at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, which will also host the finals. The rest of the events will be played out on Spartak. At the same time, the host country, Russia, has decided to hold an inaugural concert in the capital’s famous Red Square.

Estimated 500 dancers, gymnasts and trampolinists will feature in the opening ceremony, and the event itself will pay homage to the country’s traditions and national identity, topping it all off with a display of fireworks. Russia has also shown quite the refined taste in handpicking the event’s performers. The country has procured the services of singer Placido Domingo who has worked with Luciano Pavarotti and José Carreras. Juan Diego Florez, a famous Peruvian tenor is also slated to join Mr Domingo.

This is quite markedly a different approach than the 2014’s opening ceremony, which featured Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. The organisers have pointed out to their pick of opera singers.

It is interesting that football events are usually opened by opera stars, because classical music is a universal code understood by residents of every country.

Meanwhile in Moscow

If you are already in the country and wondering what to do, you may visit the newly-opened Stadium History Exhibition, which has been made public ahead of the actual World Cup event.

The exhibition focuses on how stadiums have been evolving and diversifying to host a number of events that go well beyond football as such. Modern elements can now be seen assimilated into traditional buildings, underscoring the efficiency of modern design in classic sports facilities.

Beyond that, you may also amble around the city. One great way to spend this time is by looking at the last-minute preparations. Russia is still pushing out to add a few final strokes. If you are used to the city’s transport, it may be a good idea to check up on any re-routes that are anticipated ahead of the event. For starters, the metro will not be available after most games in the evening. It is a common safety precaution that the government takes.

Bistros will be loaded with tourists and you may want to sip on a refreshing beverage in June’s heat, although admittedly, Russia has milder summers.

2018 World Cup with a Glass of Beer

If you want to avoid the stuffy stadium crammed with some 45,000 spectators, you may certainly explore some of the alternatives. Presently, you can choose to stay at home and not bothering much with travelling. Or you can goto Russia and stop bya sports bar.

Naturally, the experience is easily transferable. Why bother at all if you can just gather in the local bistro with your mates. This wa you can enjoy the football action that transpires on the small screens all throughout the pub. There are plenty of opportunities, apparently, to enjoy yourself some distinct sports action and you may begin today.

Day One of 2018 World Cup

Day One of the 2018 World Cup definitely promises to be a rewarding experience. After the ceremony, the tournament begins in earnest and we will be able to witness how the top national teams progress throughout the competition.

It will definitely be interesting to see who wins this year’s iteration of the event. In a separate piece of writing, we have taken care an overview of all winners since 1930. Make sure to tune in or nip down to your local pub to enjoy some high-level plays. And remember to stay tuned for other useful information here at BigWorldSports.