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2018 FIFA World Cup – All the Stadiums

So, with the 2018 FIFA World Cup set to kick off, we are all excited to find out more about the teams, stadiums, and admittedly how to navigate far-flung Moscow.

2018 FIFA World Cup – All the Stadiums

So, with the 2018 FIFA World Cup set to kick off, we are all excited to find out more about the teams, stadiums, and admittedly how to navigate far-flung Moscow. Let’s face it, the Russian capital not exactly the place to plan our summer holiday, but this brisk Eastern charm makes it even more tantalizing to dive into. And explore its secrets, along with navigating the Russian language.

Today we take a look at the 12 venues strewn across 11 cities where the FIFA World Cup is taking place! Admittedly, the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and the Saint Petersburg Stadium will be the ones to be used the most, so it will really help if you head for those. Book accommodation in their vicinity, or just find a cosy sports bar. It’s entirely up to you.
Now, as each venue will get a minimum of four games, you will not really pass up on any of the action. Without further ado, however, let’s dive right into the stadiums around Russia.

Touring the 2018 FIFA World Cup Facilities

Ekaterinburg Arena (Central Stadium) in Yekaterinburg

The stadium has an outstanding capacity with its 36,000 seats. It was lastly renovated in 2011 when a year-old restoration project was completed. It will host four games.

As to Yekaterinburg itself, it’s the fourth-largest city in Russia and it is located precisely where Russia and Europe meet. The games that will unfold here are exciting, too!

Japan will play Senegal. Meanwhile, Egypt will face Uruguay and France will fight Peru, with the last game against Mexico to face Sweden on 27 June.

Kalingrad Stadium in Kalingrad

This is a brand-new establishment founded in 2018 and sporting 35,200 seats, which makes it a brilliant place to be. Another four games are expected to be played here. The teams that will attend the stadium to play are Nigeia, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, England, and Belgium

Kazan Arena in Kazan

It’s a beatiful facility going back to 2013. The stadium has 45,400 seats waiting to accommodate some top-end gaming action. Overall 6 games will take place here, two of which will be knockout round matches.

Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

Luzhniki is where the grand slam will take place. Four group stage matches and three knockouts are all on the menu. The stadium was founded back in 1956 and today it offers 81,000 places. All the top perfomers will eventually play here, including Germany, Mexico, France, Morocco, and Denmark.

Otkritie Stadium

This is Spartak Stadium in Moscow, it will offer four group stages and one knock out round, which is quite neat. With its 45,300 seats the stadiums is definitely high on the list of loads of people. Admittedly, if given a choice, people will flock to Luzhniki but that’s not all too bad. The Spartak Otkritie Stadium welcomes Brazil, Belgium, and Tunisia, as well as Poland and Senegal.

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

But we are not quite done yet. The Nizhny Novgorod Stadium is a remarkable facility capable of hosting nearly 45,000 people. Four group stages and two knockout round matches have been scheduled for this place, and that is brilliant. The place is located 420 miles west of Moscow, which makes it difficult for football enthusiats to really attend the Moscow finals, but the six games on home turf are quite the bargain!

Rostov Arena in Rostov-on-Don

Another brilliant facility hosting 45,000 people. The games played hear will feature Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, South Korea, and Croatia. This is not Rostov, however, but Rostov-on-Don, which are two separate areas.

Saint Petersburg’s Stadium

Straight out of the novels of Dostoyevski, here comes the St Petersburg’s stadium. It’s quite the place to be and indeed you will appreciate the traditional Russian city environment, mixed with countless elements of the West. A moden cosmopolitan city, St Petersburg is definitely one of a kind. It will host a number of matches, including four group stages and three knockout round games, which is simply brilliant! Teams that will play on the field, including Egypt/Russia, Brazil/Costa Rica, and Nigeria/Argentina.

Cosmos Arena in Samara

Not quite out of this world, the Cosmos Arena is a great place to enjoythe games. Four group stage games along with two knockout round matches will bring the football action to nearly 45,000 viewers. The stadium was founded in 2018 in preparation for the FIFA 2018 World Cup! Russia will play here along with Uruguay, Denmark, Costa Rica, Australia, and Colombia.

Mordovia Arena in Saransk

An excellent venue opened in 2018, this stadium is truly the stuff of football fans’ legends. It will host 44,400 people who will witness four group stages. Yes, not as much action here, but still a fair bit for locals and visitors to enjoy! Peru, Denmark, Colombia, and Japan will be playing here along with Iran, Potugal, and Panama and Tunisia.

Fisht Olympic Stadium in sochi

An old familiar face, Sochi has already had its expeience with hosting events of decent scale with the Winter Olympics. Now the stadium in the city will accommodate 41,220 people. Four group stages are planned here along with two knockout round matches.

Volgograd Arena in Volgograd

Volgograd Arena is beautiful by day and by night. It will host over 45,000 viewers, although it will only receive four group games. Still, you can watch Tunisia, England, Nigeria, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Japan, and Poland play.