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2018 FIFA Finals – The Jig Is Up

Still smarting from the defeat from Croatia, England is now preparing to gear up and face Belgium.

2018 FIFA Finals – The Jig Is Up

Still smarting from the defeat from Croatia, England is now preparing to gear up and face Belgium. And Belgium is a tough opponent, is it not? The Nationals will have to up against a squad that sports quite a few starts in the ranks, and it’s now up to poor Harry Kane to lead England out of the quagmire.

Of course, this is a mild exaggeration. There are no quagmires indeed, and England has done a good job during the FIFA World Cup. Now, of course, we would have loved for England to make it onto the next stage, the final one, as it turns out. However, we’ve always sympathized with Croatia a little bit more.

Besides, some of the derogatory chants that were sounded off from the English fans were quite unbecoming, to begin with. This aside, we do believe England has a chance to stand up to Belgium, but Belgium is the favourite.

Will Belgium Overcome?

The possibility of Belgium finishing third is very palpable. It will be up to Harry Kane to do wonders but Belgium is quite well-prepared to reciprocate with nearly every mid-fielder and strike at its disposal.

Yes, England is in a bit of a bind when it comes to mustering the same quality of players who will help the county stand out in earnest against Belgium, but we are not giving up any hopes.

Meanwhile, France and Croatia are also preparing themselves. Training sessions and resting sessions abound. With this in mind, we again side for Croatia. Don’t think that we have a personal stake in that.

Not in the slightest. Croatia just showed great plays and we believe that the team stands to make history. They have been playing without sparing any effort and that’s certainly worth our modest appraisal.

We are absolutely thrilled that Croatia made it all the way through to the finals, and humorously still – we know quite a few English who made a pretty penny out of wagering on Croatia as a finalist. Sorry England, but patriotism didn’t play much of a part here.

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